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February 22, 2008



Yayy!! I get to be first commenter on your blog for a change!! That's a first for me! Love these new pieces of jewelry. I loved Amethysts. Did you know that they occur naturally in Nova Scotia? I have yet to find one myself, but I have been told they are there! I hope you feel better soon! We had a little scrap of sunshine today,but mostly it is dull with a colder wind blowing! Thank goodness it is Friday and tommorrow I can put my feet up! Really enjoyed our chat yesterday. We don't get to do that near often enough. I'm on my way back to work now, but I am betting I was so long winded with this comment that I am now NOT the first commentor, lol
love you! XXOO


Awwwww, you are so sweet!! I come here to pay you a "weekend visit" and I get surprised like that. Thank you very much, my dear friend. Know that even though we are just virtual friends you do hold a very special place in my heart.
Hope your "girl thing" ease soon and that you have a restful and great weekend.
See you again on Monday. :)
Lots of love and hugs to you.


Thats my birthstone! Very nice stuff your creating over here! I am wandering around Blogville- reading and catching up on stuff- trying to stay out of the way. Dodging arrows...wanted to say hi!!!


Beautiful roses and beautiful jewelry work, Tracy. I do hope more sunshine comes your way and that you get all the rest you need this weekend. We're going to have more rain, I think, but I'm glad the week's over. It's been tumultuous at work. Hugs!


Really beautiful jewellery, do take care and rest this weekend.


Hi Tracy, thanks so much for your visits, I really appreciate that. I heart every comment you leave for me. Beautiful work and what a gorgeous rose!


Hi Tracy, wonderful jewelry, award and rose! Hope you will feel better soonand that your weekend will be peaceful and full of joy! Love and hugs to you and TJ and extra special cuddles for Charlie!


That bracelet is simply stunning - I love it. Sorry to hear you are feeling less than great today Tracy - and yes, I know exactly what you mean! Take care and have a wonderful weekend. :-) x


the purples are lovely, and so you I feel. hope you are feeling better soon, there's nothing worse, take care xxxxxx

carol Eldridge

hope you are feeling better now...we have lots of pretty snow here in Boston this weekend...the fluffy kind that looks so nice. I am working at finishing up my garden collection and then I have to do the hang tag and it is done. I have so enjoyed all the product development for this group and it will be coming out in July at the Atlanta gift show and I will be there for the debut, so that is quite exciting.

get some rest, your bracelet is darling!



Oh, how beautiful! I hope you are soon feeling better! :)


Hi Tracy! Thought it was time to pop in and say hello, its been a while! My son did a report on Norway last week and right away I thought of my 2 blog friends that live there--you and another! Hope you well :)

kari & kijsak

Absolutely stunning! lovely job as always! Thanks also for helping make kari's fourtieth fun and fabulous!

kari & kijsa


Your jewellry is so lovely Tracy. You have a great eye for colour and composition.

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Hope you're snuggling up somewhere and taking it easy AND pampaering yourself.


Lovely jewels Tracy. I found some pieces I made a few years back and may have to start again - your beads are gorgeous!

I hope you have a lovely gentle, restful weekend. We are off to a 4 year old birthday party this afternoon - anything but restful!


Beautiful pieces Tracey..hope you're feeling much better soon! :O) Gxx


Hi Tracy.
Hope your weekend is proving to be restful.
Your jewellery is lovely. Purple is my favourite colour and I love amethysts too and have a charm made of one on my favourite bracelet.
T x


You create such beautiful jewelry! If I wore jewelry, I would have already snapped up several pieces!

Hope your weekend is relaxing and you feel better soon. ((hugs)) Rosie


What lovely things - I'm not usually a fan of purple but you make it look charming.
Have a lovely and restful weekend.
Take care of yourself.


Lovely projects as usual! Feel well, you'll be on your feet in no time!


All your jewelry is very nice. Love them. Your hubby chooses some very nice flowers. Feel better real soon.

Paz xxoo

Lynda ~ Hedgerow Hollow

Beautiful jewellery, Tracy! Congratulations on your well-deserved award too! Hope you feel better soon ... relax and rest, my dear friend! ~ hugs, Lynda xox


My dear Tracy.... thank you so much for honoring me this award! I'm sorry I' a little bit late coming to see you. I've been so busy gardening on my "secret garden"--you know how it goes! I hope by now you are feelin much better and the weekend have restablished you. I will post my award as soon as I can. In the mean time, may our Father of Light bless you and yours.



You get the best floral bouquets! The fragrances must be lovely too ~ a real picker-upper! Hope you are feeling back to your energetic self soon!


Love, love, love the new jewellery! Thank you for the sweet review of my blog! My husband and I had a great time in Banff/Lake Louise, though I'm pretty sore from learning to snowboard! I hope you had a good, relaxing weekend and that you're feeling better :)

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