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November 30, 2008


Bumpkin Bears

what a beautiful photo Tracy, there is something so transfixing about a candle. Wishing you all the happiness you deserve :) Hugs, Catherine xx


Oh, how pretty! I hope we get to see this every night of the advent??? Lovely words, too.


Hi dear Tracy,

Here we are like that. One week after the other, just wsiting for the big day. :) Tomorrow I am going to have a scan to check Joey's position. I still feel that he is going to be born a little earlier than the due date. But we are patient. :)
Lots of love and hugs,


I just love the serenity of your advent postings Tracy. I remember from last year what a special feeling they gave to the Holiday Season . . . a PAUSE to reflect on all that's truly important at this time of year. I Love you sweet friend! XXOO


And we shall light ours this evening as well here on the other side of the world--the first Sunday of Advent!


Hi Tracy!!

The beautiful, wonderful time of year is here again!!! I so love these weeks, time to feel, to reflect and time to share.....

I visited Choocyblue's and apparently there are gifts for us on the latst sleigh - exciting ;-D

Have a great week!!



Beautiful! Thank you, Tracy.



A beautiful picture and a beautiful post.

Happy Advent!


Hi Tracy!
This is beautful! Yes, it is the beginning of advent today and beautful time of the year.
I'm still waiting for my grandson to pick his birthday ..lol! Trying to distract myself a little bt reading blogs this rainy afternoon.
Hugs, Pat


Here, we have Advent Calendars, where you have a large picture with 24 windows in it. You open one window for each day from Dec 1st to Xmas Eve. Inside each window is another, smaller, picture.

Unfortuantely it has become very commercial and so now they just make them with a chocolate behind each door and the main picture will be whatever film or tv character is most popular.

I still prefer the picture ones and prefer the traditional, religious pictures. I haven't been able to find one this year, but I'm out again tomorrow and shall have another look!


That's such a pretty picture! I am trying to catch up on my blogging. I feel like I got so far behind this week. It's such a busy time of year and so much going on, but I don't want to forget stopping by and saying hello to my friends.

I am wishing you the most wonderful of holidays!

take care,


Thank you Tracy ~ and may yours be a time of blessings and happiness too! Beautiful tradition to start the holiday season.


so pretty and such a good tradition.


I love how you set up your advent candles. I use regular candles but really like this idea! Now I am wondering if you will be home to light that fourth candle? Or will you already be on your way to see your family's little miracle? I am sure you are counting down now and advent seems a great season to do so. It is the season of expectation and hope after all.

Hugs ~

Yolanda Elizabet

Soon all 4 candles will be burning. And we will need them to, to provide us with the much needed light during these short and dark days before Christmas.

Great pic, my dear!



Hi Tracy
Youe advent candles are so pretty. We will bw away for Christmas so we aren't putting up a tree this year either. I decorated the mantle and put a few other things around, but it's very sparse. We were at our daughter's last night and she had her tree up. It looked really beautiful and it made me want to have one too, but it's just too much work since we're not here.
Hugs, Rhondi


How beautiful, I think I need to do that at home. Ugh. I feel so tired. The weekends are so busy now. I think we have parties every weekend between now and December 24. It's a miracle I can still do a post, read some blogs and take photos. I get two weeks off at Christmas and I can't wait. I know you are going away, so you are probably counting the days to see your scrumptious little niece. My girlfriend is a practicing Buddhist as well; she does not do the Christmas things at all. Sometimes I envy her except that - well - I do love Christmas. I love when my boys come over on the 24th and still act like little kids.

ellen b

Hi Tracy! What a beautiful candle setting for Advent. May you and yours enjoy this wonderful time of year!


I can still remember your candle lighting posts on Advent last year and so soon that time of the year has come again. Ahh...(Hugs))


How lovely.
Wishing you lots of love & blessings too.

Elizabeth Wix

This is so lovely.
We light a candle in an advent wreath in church.
First time I've seen this
so pretty.


Happy Advent, dear Tracy and family! =)


That is lovely.


Tracy, this is just beautiful. And, may we all pray for peace on Earth.

The Winemakers Wife

I am so inspired by your advent! I'll have to come up with my own as well! So talk to me about temperatures darling, just how cold is it where you are? Ryan has gone out to do a bitmore work on our chicken coop, so I'd better go to amazon.com while he's gone and snap up the last of my gifts for him!

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