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April 25, 2009



Oh yes, I will join, please count me in.


I heard about this thru Sarah at Circles of Rain. I love to participate. I just finished a whole month dedicated to poetry on my blog and included some Basho too. He is superb.


Thanks to Sarah I will be here. I think of Haiku as the perfect language, and I don't mean just poetic language. Looking forward to reading everyone's poetry. And thank you for the invitation.


Thank you for the invite. Yes, please sign me up. : )


Yes! I love haiku and write them fairly often. Am also including your button on my page. THANKS!


oo my little sister was just writing some haiku for English the other day, nor sure how i'd go, but count me in! smiles & beautiful wishes

cm jackson

What a wonderful idea--I'd love to participate--c


Hello Tracy and Elizabeth! I'm here via Stephanie at Rodriguez Style and I would love to join you!

Gallery Juana

I'd love to join in this haiku festival if it's not past the cut off date.

E. Lorien Shaw (aka Els)

O shall I slip in at the last
here to speak in lines so

I'm in...

E. Lorien Shaw (aka Els)

Left my comment at 8:45pm May 9, my time...hope that counts


Hi Tracy. I thought I had already replied/commented that I would joining you on Monday, but I don't see it here. Anyway - I'll be posting haiku on Monday. Thanks!

Abraham Lincoln

I have seen a lot of haiku in Japan on rice paper in Japanese calligraphy. That just adds a whole new dimension to the name "haiku." I like to do it but don't like to do it. It is always frustrating and always a challenge and always a search for the right word so seldom found.


I've missed the deadline I know but my imperfect haiku is posted on my site.

June Sanders

Hi, I left a post last week asking to be included but I can't find my name now, is it too late to participate?

Sandra Leigh

I'm too late to get onto your list, but I did write a haiku and post it at my blog. This was a lovely idea.


Oh no! I just learned about the Haiku Festival and I'm a day late! Will you be doing this again? If so, I'd love to participate!

Your blog is so lovely! :)

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