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April 30, 2009



Thanks for the review - I enjoyed the Great gatsby but haven't read this one. How exciting that you have another trip planned - not long to go now. Enjoy your long weekend.


Good morning Tracy, I enjoyed your first part of the book review but the second part leaves me "cold" too. I don't think I will read this book.

Have a wonderful May Day and do have some fun. I posted my bathroom mini makeover today and part 2 of the Flower Festival on Weds. I thought you might enjoy it.

I know you will have a wonderful visit to the USA to be with your family. Some special nieces will be thrilled to see you too.

Love and hugs...Jeanne


Enjoy your long weekend, Tracy and thanks for the fascinating review. I like how re-reading a book years later will change our perception of it completely-even if we don't like the book the second time. We can learn a lot about ourselves and perhaps how we've matured. Heh! Then if the characters in the book fall flat, we have our own to analyze.

ellen b

Have a great long weekend!


Lovely recap of a story I read my first year in college. My only vague recollection is that it was loosely based on his wife Zelda ~ and didn't she also have a penchant for wearing long scarfs - LOL


I do love The Great Gatsby but I have never read this book.
Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.
Oh and I won't tell you what scene they were filming in Aidensfield and spoil it for you. It was quite exciting though!
It is a wonderful village to visit, so pretty and unspoilt, hope you get to go there sometime.
lots of love


Few can match the brilliance of The Great Gatsby for its insights and treatment of characters. After reading The Great Gatsby I had to go and get all his books.


You've been reading quite some interesting books. ;-)



How strange that we have the same initial response to the book and the same feeling of almost wondering if we were reading the same book coming to it as adults. Perhaps the minor charaters were insubstantial because they didn't have a substance to their lives? Many were just social butterflies who had never had to get to grips with the realities of life so had never had any character forming experiences.

Something did remain the same for me though re-reading: I disliked the undefinate ending. I like real endings preferably happily ever after and the baddies get their come-uppance. I know so idealistic. LOL

Have a wonderful May Day. It is a biggie in Oxford where people gather on Magdalen Bridge to greet the dawn and the choristors sing as dawn breaks. Places open early so people can have breakfast and a coffee, or stay open to party all night. In the past I did may pole dancing, morris dancing and country dancing- very traditional for the area.


It is lovely that you will be able to be in PA in May! And see your precious niece! And attend a wedding!

I never could get in to Fitzgerald...


Tracy, thank you for another great review! How exciting that your visit home! Not too far away and i bet your excited too! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


Although I have seen the film, The Great Gatsby, I have never read any of F Scott Fitzgerald's works. Lately I have had a hard time reading anything at all for very long. It lulls me into sleep for some reason. I lay there struggling to keep my eyes open, and then when I put the book down . . . I wake up. Very annoying!!! I'm glad that you are enjoying some lovely springtime weather in Norway today! Make sure you put on your sun screen! Love you loads and loads! XXOO


Tracy, you are right on with my feelings about this book. Although, Fitzgerald and his Zelda were quite a couple.

My favorite is The Great Gatsby, too. And, I loved the movie. Of course, I do have a bit of a "thing" for Robert Redford. ;-)

Happy May Day. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend.


Thank you for reading such interesting authors! It makes me want to read more....but like you, time is an issue!
Have a good weekend...and enjoy the breath of May!


I'm in the middle of teaching The Great Gatsby to my honors juniors. They love it. I'm a little tired of it after twenty years, but it is fun to teach something the kids actually like. I still get irritated that Nick doesn't tell anyone the truth about Daisy. He like enables both Tom and Daisy.


I have only read one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's book...you know, the one EVERYONE read in high school lit classes, LOL! (The Great Gatsby)

Thanks for the synopsis! Happy May to you! :)


Oh, I think I love it over here already. You have given me a few classics, that I know I will enjoy this summer.
Thank you!
; )

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