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September 09, 2009



Your peach jam looks lovely - peaches taste of summer to me! Your latest jewellery is beautiful - simple and classical.


Sooo happy that you participated in this "gift of jewels" project Tracy! You brought your unique touch and it definitely would not have been the same without you.

Thanks so much!

One Love.


Hi Tracy! I found you through Se'Lah. The Gift of Jewels is such a wonderful project, isn't it?! Your card from Anali is so lovely and your card to Margie is, too!


oooh your cards are lovely. i'm still waiting for mine. isnt it exciting? :)


What a fun idea to send little greetings -- a modern-day penpal!

Bumpkin Bears

you made a really beautiful card there. Love your new necklace too and yummy yummy jam. Looking forward to seeing your other craft projects :) big Hugs, Catherine xx

tea time and roses

Hello Dear Tracy!

First let me say the jam looks delicious and your presentation just lovely. What a beautiful necklace, I love the addition of the ribbon adds the perfect feminine touch. I am in the middle of doing a little beading myself and I tell you I am having a ball!:o) Thank you so much for the link to the Necessary Room and will pay that blog a visit today. Enjoy a beautiful day my friend!




Your card is soooo lovely! It reminds me of the Victorian calling cards - maybe that could be something you could add to your etsy shop? They would make nice gift tags too.

I am doing better. Sleeping regular hours has helped tremendously and, having Mr Puffy doing so well.

Hugs, C


Beautiful card, Tracy! I love those gorgeous canned goods. Yum! Preserving a summery fruit in a stylish way, with warm fall colors, lovely :)!



Today was a rough day and you really brightened it with this post. I'm so glad that you liked the card. Love the card that you made for your Gift. And that jam looks sooo good! ; )


More jam. Yum. I had no idea you could freeze it! You learn something every day! :)

What a nice card you made as well as received! I love getting to know people through blogland.

I took a quick peek at your other blog and I am simply amazed at your photography. It is stunning! I am going to have to go back when I have more time to look!

take care,


I am drooling over your homemade jams!! That was a very good idea, pairing people up with exhanges of postcards. A very simple and cheap way to start a great friendship. Hope you are enjoying your day..and well, weekend is almost near :P


what a great way to meet new people! your necklace is precious and your jam looks delish! saw your previous post too and i am just intrigued by macarons. have seen them in magazines everywhere lately. have never had one, but will have to track down someplace here in the states to try one.


Lots of eye-candy! The heart-shaped locket necklace is lovely! The peach jam?! And the accompanying vintage spoon?!


Hi sweet Tracy!

I think your postcard is very lovely! Everythingb you mske is done wiht wonderful attention to detail. I enjoyed a post card swap a few months ago --it's a nice way to see others creativity andf learn more about them.

Your jams sound delicious! I have a pantry full of jellies and jams right now so I might wait till next year to try your recipe.

I've been back a few days but have been catching up at home -- and I also found I need to upgrade my computer to hold all my vacation photos...who knew a C rive could be so demanding?

Hugs, Pat


Dear tracy, that was such a wonderful project that you participated in! Your card is sooo pretty! And i'll visiting your shop soon to check out the new lovely items you made! :) Oh and more jam!! Yumiee...your peach jam is making me drool! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


That sounds like a wonderful project. I love the card you made and also the one you received :)


homemade jams are the best! I haven't made jam in years, due to a disappointing effort. You have inspired me and I may make another attempt. Beautiful plums by the way, and from your own garden!


oh the gifts here are full of simple pleasures...for the eye, the heart and the tummy!!!


Good to hear you are being so happily creative both with cooking and with jewellery.

Are you having some of this wonderful sunshine too at the moment? I'll share pics when I finish Yorkshire. I played with hubby's camera this mornign on the dog walk.


Tracy I'm loving that jam photo with the spoon! And what a gorgeous photo you received. I love the idea of the exchange and what you made is so sweet!


This is a good day to share friendship and new blogs! I really appreciate all the work you and others go to! Can't wait to meet some new friends!
Your card is very pretty and the jam has your touch! My mouth is watering!!


Hi Tracy!
You are so talented! Not only you can make jewelery, sew, knit (which I have written before) but also you can make such a wonderful card and make yummy jam!!!!
As a fellow cat love, I am very proud.
Hope your week is going well.



Awesome! Your cards -- both given and received, your necklace and your jam! Wow! Are you going to tell us how you made the jam? Or have you already done so and I've missed it? Love it!

I'm off to your other blog, now. ;-)



Hi Tracy, lucky you that is a lovely postcard. Your necklace is gorgeous - so delicate and pretty. It would be perfect for a bride. Leaves are turning yellow in my garden, pretty soon I will be picking leaves and Tencents will be gleefully running through them tail flying :) Cats, you gotta love em!

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