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March 28, 2011


Anne Donald

There are so many terrible things happening in the world just now - but at least we can all helpin some way!! Love Anne x


Just bought the flags.
Good for you, Tracy!


What a wonderful donation to such a worthy cause, Tracy. I love that you created prayer beads to benefit a country that is so very in need of prayer.


Hello dear Tracy. I love your heart of mercy. I was just thinking about the two beautiful pieces of jewelry I have from you.


both are lovely, and every little bit makes a difference.


Gorgeous pieces of art and a beautiful heart that gives.


oh you sold the flag ...good for you ..sad for me!! your shop has such a special feel to it Tracy ..


Every little bit helps. Bless you!


Beautiful Tracy, such a love-filled project created in the spirit of giving.

S. Etole

What a creative way to help ...


Beautiful items Tracy for such a good cause. Rose quartz is so beautiful.


Tracy, they are beautiful!!! I'm so happy to hear that you are full of creative energy and in deed I can sense it from your words :-) wonderful! I think so many of us have been touched by the tragedy of Japan that we want to help as much (or in ways) as we can. Sending lots of love!


The crane is just perfect! Beautiful.


What a beautiful and generous way to help the people in Japan, Tracy! You do everything with such care and grace. Sending yo warm hugs and wishing we could split a stack of pancakes with maple syrup!

xo Gigi


I'm mad for Rose Quartz. I have so many of them in big, small and one as an Angel. They are full of love and sunshine.
You two hour Tuesday time is a fantastic way to be and recharge. Calling it Aphrodite time is wonderful. I'm sure she love that too.

tea time and roses

Lovely peace banner dear Tracy, beautiful indeed. Lovely work my friend.

Happy week to you!




Tracy, it's beautiful and you are even more beautiful for selling this for Japan. God bless you always. Missing you a lot :)


You made such wonderful and generous gifts in Japan's remembrance, Tracy. The Red Cross is my favorite charity to donate to as they help worldwide.
Hugs, Pat


Hey Tracy! I think I recognise that fabric piece in the middle, the one with the crane! Happy weekend !


SO pretty. I love your generous heart.

Kate England

Lovely, AND in the photo with the rose and prayer beads, the rose made me think of the red circle in the Japanese flag. :)

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