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April 04, 2011



Charlie looks like he deserves some extra TLC after all the disruption!
The changes did not diminish his handsome looks. Thank you for sharing Charlie, and have a good settle on the new floor. Cheers from Miss M.

Sherry Smyth

LOL....I love this post from the viewpoint of Charlie!!! Poor cat, no idea where the next meal will be coming from!!! :) Cats just do not understand the excitement and the thrill of a new floor!!

Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

Oh Charlie how sweet of you to be so understanding of your mommy. Tell her to rest well and to come back soon :-)


Oh kitties, I miss having them around! He can come cuddle in my lap!

tea time and roses

Hello Dear Tracy,

Now isn't Charlie the handsome one!:o) Oh my I can imagine how beautiful your new floor is. It's amazing how a few changes can make a world of difference, a beautiful difference.

Enjoy a lovely week dear friend.:o)




Such a handsome boy!


Charlie it's wrong that they mess about with your food location. I'm with you on not liking change but then it's good that your folks have a new kitchen floor (and such a beautiful cat, you are so gorgeous).


Hello there Charlie-Boy! What a handsome pussy cat you are! Glad to hear things are back to normal for you. Love to you and your Mum. Ros

Anne Donald

I love the new floor - I hope Charlie doesn't drop his dinner on it! Love Anne x

red or gray

Charlie boy so sweet to hear [and see] whats going on at home!! love that floor... you will too..give you mom a purr from me


Well done Tracy and TJ. I hope you had a lovely cup of tea to celebrate.


Fancy moving your dinner spot Charlie! Glad it has returned to normal and the floor is ok. Great pictures of you!


Oh Charlie. Life is like that -- things move around, even floors sometimes. But one thing never changes: how much your people love you, you lucky cat you :-)

Pearl Maple

too funny,
the way our pets see renovations and change is rather different from our view of the world


Charlie-Boy, I know just what you mean. Sometimes I have trouble with change, too! I'm glad your Mommy's getting a rest. Tell her I said, "Hi!"


Hi Tracy, Can't wait to see photos of the new floor. You know how I love a good home improvement project :) But until then, I have no problem looking at that sweet furry Charlie.


Excellent post, Charlie!

Tracy your new floor looks so pretty! I hope Charlie won't use it to keep his nails trimmed, however. My cat likes to do that on a similar looking carpet in my house.

Hugs, Pat


Fabulous new floor! And Charlie Boy is a cutie too. :)


Very cute....You have to wonder what really does go through our pets' minds. I'm pretty convinced there's a lot of empty air time in my dog's head. I love her dearly, but she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm glad you're happy with the new floor -- that sounds like a big undertaking.


The new floor looks pretty. Nice texture and light color.


charlie, you are one handsome boy. and i completely understand your need for order in your universe. hopefully for you, there will be no more new floors in your future ;)

i hope you're helping your mom by napping next to her. it's the least you can do...


Hi Tracy and Charlie!
AAwww Charlie is soooo sweet. He really is a cat teddybear isn't he?
It's amazing to find out how cats are accustomed to habits. Kumo and Wata are always looking for familiar cues. When we moved home I made sure furniture was laid out similar to the previous flat. I love the new floor ;)
Hope you both have a lovely week!

Gallery Juana

Charlie, you are such a handsome cat and photogenic. I always enjoy seeing your photos. They truly brighten my day. Glad you got your dinner spot back. My cat feels the same way when I have to put her in the living room, so I can vacuum the bedroom.


Hi Charlie, it's always nice when I get to see you handsome face to do a post. Me and my cat, Mabel say Hi.

Lisa Q

cats just don't comprehend the significance of new flooring do they!? Can't wait to see the changes you're making.

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