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April 01, 2011



Thank you for this lovely post.
I have been looking for a tea-cosy pattern for a small teapot and this one looks like it will be just right. Thanks for sharing.
This is the first time I've commented on your blog and look forward to new posts in whatever form you choose in the future.
Hope your tendonitis diminishes with less typing, editing etc.


oh i just love your little "tea cozy".
hmm... just loving the spring showers, hoping the flowers are soon to follow.


Lovely tea cosy Tracy. My kitchen is white with red accents/dots, and it works well.

Be kind to your body- let it tell you when to stop. Nothing is worth hurting your health over.

I'll still visit whatever your new address is called.

red or gray

Tracy .. the tendinitis can be so painful , take good care. Blogs change with us and I feel it is part of our creative nature, which I so enjoy! You are a very special lady and I cherish our friendship..make the blog space how YOU want it and friends will remain ..no worries!


Sorry to read of your reoccurring arm injuries. I have one too & I find that the Alexander technique (Pilates) is helpful along with my tennis elbow armband.

I love your name as Pink Purl & think your blog is great as is! I finally relented and purchased knitting needles & wool for K & N to begin knitting. I sure wish you were nearby to give them some lessons as I'm not a knitter! I'll pull out my blue scarf (made by you) today so I can think positive thoughts for you! Take care!


Tracy, sorry to hear about the tendonitis. I'll be following along with the changes. Even if you loose some, think of all the new people you'll attract to your space and all the new friends you will make. This change sounds like it's in line with your soul.


Hi Tracy!
Wow! 5th year of blogging? That is amazing :D
Your ideas are always lovely. It's always good to feel fresh. Like you, I am always thinking of new things but time seem to be limited nowadays.
I am very sorry about your tendonitis. I hope it gets better soon. I have recently bought a "warming massage oil" from Neals Yard for muscular pain (I currently have injured calf... :( ). Rest well and have a good kitty cuddle! ;)

Gallery Juana

Oh my ... tendonitis. Hope it doesn't get worse for you. I totally understand the need to take breaks to prevent any further damage. I hope you're able to find something that will lessen the pain and aid in repair.

The tea cozy is too cute.

It's funny that you should mention your blog name. Just before visiting today I was wondering what "purl" meant. Now I realise it's a knitting term. So I just looked up the word. The word is kind of fitting for life in a metaphorical way. Our days are made up of moments. Each moment being a stitch.

You won't lose me as a reader if you change blogs!


Love that polka dot mug. LOVE IT! As to my plans - I am just trying to hang on till I get my computer back at work. It's KILLING me.


dear Tracy
it is all up to you ! and you put the right words on your thoughts I think... as for me I'd follow you no matter where you decide to blog, and anything that is part of you I'd love to hear about it.
i hope you didn't hurt your arm even worse when knnitting this pretty t-cosy... i had shoulder tendinitis starting when we had the PC only, but since i'm with a laptop and no mouse but a pad, it is back to normal...
take care, and be gentle on your elbow even if this means less blogging/networking


First, if you started a new blog I would follow you there. I love visiting you. :)

I'm sorry about the pain your dealing with, though. That sounds unpleasant. I hope you are still able to do the things you enjoy, just in smaller doses. xoxo

Kate England

Dearest Tracy,

I'm so sorry you're in pain. Do you have a naprapath close by?

About blogging, first a gigantic congratulations on 5 years as a blogger!!!

Next, I think you should follow your heart when it comes to your blog. It's your blog, reflecting you, and it's all in your power. I can relate though, because once you've got going blogging it's easy to feel like your blog runs you rather than the other way round!

True friends will always be with you on your journey.

Start fresh or start a new chapter on this blog? Would it be easier to evolve in a new space with a new name or would you rather reinvent this space?

Very curious to see which path you take!

With lots of love!


Sending empathy for the pain. I experience pain in my right arm and shoulder and my back quite a lot now and it makes computer use difficult, especially if I skip yoga. Must. Not. Skip. Yoga.

I'd follow you. I love all your musings, inner and outer. It's so lovely to get to know you better.


So sorry about your tendonitis, dear friend. Hope the pain eases up soon... :(

I cherish your blog, and I love its title. If anything, I have grown to enjoy your blog more, not less, over the years; precisely because it is a window into your beautiful world, and your beautiful self. I hardly find the time to visit any blogs these days, but yours is always at the very top of my list.
All this to say... Change, or do not change the blog/title, as you wish - I as a reader will happily follow whatever course fits you best :)

I almost forgot - I *love* your tea cosy! Such a darling item... Love it. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

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