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April 22, 2007


Loyce Cofer

You've definitely been busy with your crafting and I would imagine they will be very popular. Beautiful crafts and all your creations, you're great! I could only name one of the ladies and that would be Jane Eyre, or at least I hope that's correct. I'm not well read I'm afraid.
The changes you've made on the blog are gorgeous as usual. Very Romantic indeed.
Best wishes on the beautiful veggie garden, it will grow with lots of TLC.
I'm still enjoying my placemats, thank you for creating them just for me.
Love, L

Mette Biering

Love the changes you made! The blog now looks even more professional and so delicate. Also love the new bags and I think it's great that you named them after characters from litterature. My guess is that Elisabeth is Elisabeth Bennet from Bride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) - she is one of my favorites. And Anne might be from Anne of Green Gables, but then again, there are many "Annes" in litterature, I believe;-). I hope you will reveal the correct characters, because I am curious of "Margaret" and "Dorothea". Good luck with the kitchen garden! I hope to taste some of the results the coming summer:-)


Great bags! Love the apron too! Your blog is beautiful!
When I looked at you "About" page I noticed the book you were holding up is one of my favorites! I haven't been able to push my way through the sequel though...have you?


Hi Tracy,
I read a couple of your earlier entries, you know you have been linked from my blog since I started mine, so any one who links into mine can link into yours from mine.I don't look at blogs every week just every so often, I know I owe you a letter, I promise soon, honest.
I just write a blog because I like doing it, if any one leaves a comment it's a bonus, but I know that a lot read it without leaving a comment, they just like reading it and I'm sure it's the same for you.Take care, I always enjoy your blog.
lots of love


The new bags are all fabulous! They are perfect for spring and summer. Make's one want to have a cute outfit to go with them! You better not stop your blog, for I love what you write and seeing all that you create. It does my heart sooooo good.


Wow, your bags are terrific! So cheery and springtime. Can't wait to see what comes up out that dirt.

little jenny wren

Pretty bags, I think I like Dorothea the best.


I love the picture of your kitty! You sure have been busy sewing, its all great stuff.

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