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April 17, 2007



Can you believe that we woke up to a white world again this morning :-(

I was in Oslo yeaterday and had a lovely walk in the Silent Garden at Lovisenberg.

Mette Biering

Such lovely flowers! That's a real splash of color in your garden! Spring has definitely reached Horten! I woke up to snow this morning - what a discouragement! But seing your flowers gave me a feeling of Spring. Thank you:-) I look forward to seeing your next project and I'm so glad you keep up your blog!


Those are beautiful pictures! It is finally warming up a bit here... slowly thought. Do you have all those plants growing in your yard?


Yes, Tiffany, all the flowers shown here in this post are in my yard/garden, mostly in flower beds. Though spring is here, She sure is taking her sweet time sticking around and warming things up...But still, there's lots of loveliness to let us know She's here!


It look's more like spring there than it does here! Maybe Mother Nature is waiting to put on "her show" until you get here! What beautiful flowers you have. Love you!


Wow, are those pink ruffly things primroses? They're beautiful.


I sure hope to have some pretty pictures to share on my blog after the trip to NYC!

Be sure to check them out on the blog! I will let you know when I post some interesting NYC stuff.



What wonderful "springy" pics! Love 'em!

Are primroses perennials?

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