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April 13, 2007



I think it’s pretty terrific that you shared your thoughts and feelings about this subject. I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs because I can learn new things or see beautiful things. I love having a glimpse at something wonderful someone else has experienced. If it’s something I really enjoy (i.e. crafting) then I feel like I have something in common with the blog author. I can’t remember how I found your blog but if you commented on another person’s blog that I like and read then I may have found you that way. I tend to visit the blogs of commenters on the blogs that I love to read because I figure we’ve already got that much in common.

I have had two other blogs before this one both fairly anonymous and with narrow scopes. It always did seem like a challenge to keep up and with very little readership. With trepidation this time around I decided to be more open about myself and my life so my blog is all about me and what I’m creating and what makes me happy. I also took the plunge and started an etsy shop to sell my creatures so I’m really taking a lot of online steps this year! I post sometimes on the etsy forums and have met other shop owners who have started reading my blog. So now it feels like I’ve met more people and got more readers than with my two former blogs combined.

Ok, I feel like I’m just rambling here so I’ll leave off my saying that I’m glad I discovered your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it!



I stopped in quickly before heading to work. Later today I will post more of a reply because I feel your post deserves it.

PS. Since I know have your permission to add your link, I sure will asap. Trying to decide to add it under a different 'group' of links or what?!?!

I appriciate your friendship immensely.


Tracy, thank you for sharing your sweet heart. I'm glad you're around!


You have not frightened me :-)
I share many of your thoughts and have been wondering if I shall keep on spending so much time on blogging......I am still here though.


I also think it's great that you share your thoughts about the blog and why you started out. I think it turned out so great and it is such a joy to check it out regularly. New crafts and your poetic writing about everyday bliss! It makes me very happy to read the blog and it is a great way to keep up with what's going on in your life for those of us who live far from you. I can understand that it demands a great deal of work to maintain the blog and therefor it is a shame that blogs tend to be a drop in the ocean. I hope with all my heart that you will gain more readers and keep doing the blog! Love you!


Ditto what the others say!


I always love reading your blog and enjoy the pictures you post. You share your upbeat outlook with us all that I don't always have, which in turn does help to lift my spirits when I visit your blog.

And if you understood all that, you're brilliant, too!


This is a lovely, heartfelt post. I have questioned why I blog and what does it mean to me many times. I'm still not sure I've reached a comfortable place with mine yet but I keep plugging along. I am guilty of not commenting as often as I should. I tend to be a quiet listener in real life and I think that carries over in blog life.
Sorry to ramble on so, what I meant to say was you have a very nice blog. Let it be a source of joy for you.


Hi Tracy,
I really enjoyed reading this post and I can certainly relate to it. Even though I've only been blogging for 1-1/2 months, I find myself feeling frustrated that some of my already loyal readers never leave a comment. I assume they enjoy the visit because they seem to come back. But wouldn't it be nice to hear from them every now and then? So—I thank you for your recent comment on "The T-Cozy" and hope to hear from you again. Rest assured...you will hear from me!


Hello, Tracy....that was quite a heartfelt post- beautifully written. I appreciate what you are thinking and want to add my support for your efforts. I think so many people have jumped into the blog pool recently that it has thinned the comments for everyone...well, except for a few touchstone blogs. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it widened the circle just that much more....xoC


Hi Tracy,

I just came over after you left a lovely comment on my blog and I found such a beautiful, heartfelt post. I think you're expressing what many bloggers feel. I often question why I blog and like you it's to connect with others and I find it frustrating when I've shared something or done a how-to and I don't get many comments.
I've seemingly had up to 600 hits in a day but my comments average about 12 -15 a post I'd say. However, when I had my blogiversary and offered up some gifts I had 98 comments. Maybe I have a lot of shy readers.

You're absolutely right when you say blogs need readers and their comments. It's a form of interaction. There was a de-lurking week back in January if I remember so obviously a lot of bloggers are feeling the same.

I keep being interrupted by children so I'm rambling and losing the thread but I think you know that I'm agreeing with everything you've said and I think you said it so well.


Hello Tracy, I came over after Simmy mentioned your post on her blog. I haven't visited before, but I thought you raised a lot of interesting points in your post.

For me, blogging is primarily for myself. Yes, I love the fact that I have made new friends and I am obsessive as the next person about checking my hits, comments, links and so on. But if I start to feel unloved (usually when I have PMT!) I remember that I blog to remind myself to notice the little things - the small joys or beauty in everyday life. Comments are great, but they don't drive me to post.

And me as a commenter? Well, I have over 200 blogs on my bloglines feed. I can't leave a comment on every single one every time!! I have a small (20 odd) core of bloggers that I am close to and tend to leave a comment on most of their posts. I try to comment on the blog of any new visitor to my blog and also on the blogs of brand new bloggers.

I seldom comment on knitting blogs (no experience!) or posts which already have 20+ comments (unless I have something really relevant to share). I figure it's all been said already.

Don't be disheartened - have fun blogging!


Hello .. I'm here visiting via Simmy's blog. I have to say that I've been blogging for only a little over a year now. I still don't have a huge readership but it's definitely grown since my first days online.

Basically I blog so that I can share my crafts and to make myself accountable for finishing projects. I'm not very good at posting every day because I think that it's more important to have something interesting to say than to post purely for posting's sake. I'm also not the world's greatest photographer. But that's not to say that I don't appreciate someone's quick post of a beautiful sunset. :-)

I also read about 150 - 200 blogs a day and I only comment on about 10 posts per day if I have the spare time. Maybe more if I'm really compelled to add a little something. Or if I want to ask a question about the post. But if 40+ people before me have already said that something is cute, I don't usually feel that my voice saying the same thing adds that much to the writer. On the other hand, if I see something that really inspires me I have to add a quick note.

I guess what I'm saying is that it takes time to get linked from other people's blogs and to get tons of comments every post. I noticed that my first link happened when I did Back-Tack III. In fact I still get the occasional hit from their site even though that swap took place over a year ago.

So if links and tons of comments are important to you, then I would suggest joining the next Back-Tack or doing the next whipup.net project. You'll probably get linked from participating in that.

Good luck! :-)


I'm visiting you via Simmy's blog too. I'd say I'm more like the last two commenters -- blogging mostly for my own creative outlet, and to remember or take note of things I want to imprint on my experience...

I started 14 months ago, and a few times I've wondered if I'll continue, but it feels satisfying to have a little creative outlet that is pretty simple to manage. I've got the tech stuff all set up, so I just need to write, click to add some pictures, and the post uploads almost on its own. When I feel like learning something new, there are always tech things I could add when I'm ready.

I too LOVE the connections that blogging has formed, but they are a pleasurable (& unexpected) by-product of the creative act of blogging. I am unable to blog simply because I want comments or responses. My inspiration for blogging comes in fits and starts; I let it flow when it's ready; and isn't PRIMARILY about the connection. (Thank goodness, because I only get a couple comments per post, on average.)

Also I find that I can barely keep up with the 35 blogs on my bloglines! (See my post about information overload on April 19.) Some people blog every single day, and I'm finding I cannot make that sort of commitment no matter how much I love reading their posts when I get the chance! Some may think that is bad, how can I expect readers when I don't read very regularly... But again, I don't have many expectations about readership -- and I think it's more a matter of priorities. Lately I'm trying to cultivate my "live" relationships, my personal growth, and a potential new career instead.

Thanks for the thoughtful post which definitely inspired many to consider why they blog. I'd love to stop by from time to time when I can again. ;)

Evelyn Lum

I just completed my 30 days free trial on Typepad. Your blog and many others inspired me to continue. You just don't know how many lives you touch with each of your blogs. Keep up your good work! This has also become my little creative outlet and I hope to annouce my one year anniversary soon enough. Time flies when you are having fun!

Evelyn Lum

I just completed my 30 days free trial on Typepad. Your blog and many others inspired me to continue. You just don't know how many lives you touch with each of your blogs. Keep up your good work! This has also become my little creative outlet and I hope to annouce my one year anniversary soon enough. Time flies when you are having fun!


Wow! You got more than three comments on this post:) The entire blogging thing is kind of funny, isn't it? I don't call family members and friends that I care about too often because I'm so "busy," but I manage to write on my blog at once a week, and I have these "friends" who I don't exactly know, but with whom I sometimes share kind of personal things. I don't quite understand myself why I do it. I don't want 100 comments but I am always disappointed when I don't have any comments.

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