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May 07, 2007


Evelyn Lum

LOVE! your blog, so much good information, beautiful pictures, nice recommendations, etc, etc. I must check out Everyday Minerals. Thanks!

The Wine Makers Wife

That arrangment is breath taking!!


I do love catching up with you and all your goings on. That makeup sounds wonderful. I'll have to check it out! That hash looks delicious also! It just might work on this diet of mine as well! We'll have to see! Can't wait to see the finished shall. I have worked with a yarn similar to mohair and it is really difficult to get used to at first but it is lovely when done. I just bought myself some watercolours a few weeks ago but so far have not had the time to use them!


I just ordered natural lipgloss from Etsy, and have been sorely tempted by mineral eyeshadow, too! Those look wonderful. You chose such beautiful shades! :)


What a great post! Lots of interesting items, including the mineral make-up and the recipe, which looks delicious. I think that I will be trying this out soon.


Hi! Me and my daughter got our eye shadow samples from Everyday Mineral's too! So much to play with, especially for her. I don't wear eye shadow much. I did get the concealers though! lol

Can't wait to see you!


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