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June 29, 2007



those cherries look wonderful!


Another beautiful bag.
I love the way you use litterature as inspiration :-)


WoW Love Love LOVE the new bag you are such an inspiration!!
I have been keeping an eye on your etsy shop everything looks so wonderful I can't wait until I get married so I can Buy myself one of your gorgeous bags hopefully you will still have some PINK ones left lol.
I love cherries with home made ice cream yummy!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Classically beautiful bag, Tracy! I love all the details you put into each creation. I bought a large quantity of cherries for a b-day party and removed the pits. One of the girls who took some cherries said that they were "boneless" - that's apparently how the word translates in Spanish :-) Oh, and I've moved to wordpress - just thought to let you know.


Another lovely bag. Your sewing has inspired me to do a bit of sewing again. I used to make all my clothes. I even made my own wedding dress and have made a couple of 3 piece suits for hubby. Guess I just need to find the time to do it.
Have a lovely weekend. Hope the rain holds off.



Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the visit! Beautiful blog btw - and isn't Etsy great?! I love it!

Have a great weekend...




Such a darling bag and beautiful pictures!


Your new bags are just lovely, Tracy!


Love this bag think it is my favourite. Tricia


I'm coming over for breakfast soon if you eat yummy things like that. Mine is usually a rush in the morning as you can imagine but w/ends are more relaxed.

Your latest bag is so gorgeous and I had a look at your etsy shop too - it's looking great, full of beautiful things.

Are you going to do anything with the cherries? I went on a long, mad hike once to pick cherries. Got them back and preserved them in syrup but no-one really liked them - including me!

Kim Sherrod

what beautiful pictures! I love the cherries and the johnny jump ups!


Love your flowers and your bag!

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