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June 19, 2007



You must be having such a nice day then, Tracy! To me, it's been the opposite today - getting lots of work done. Both can feel equally wonderful, I believe, depending on the circumstances.

Of course, I'll have to visit your friend's website :) I only clean my face with eau de rose! Perfect indeed for sensitive skins.

By the way, my EM order still hasn't arrived :( but that may be due to my postman... he can be in a strange mood at times. Hopefully it will get there soon!

Enjoy the rest of your serene day, dear Tracy :)


Hi Tracy,

Thank you so much for such high praise of my products. I do hope that some of your readers drop by and take a look.

It was a pleasure to talk to you today - to finally put a voice to the blog. Enjoy some serene moments with the scent of rose.

Marie x

sara, the house of charm

Hi Tracy! I am so pleased to read that you are taking time out for yourself this week! Mmmmm, I love roses, - who doesn't? - and your friends rose products sound wonderful. I have news for you! My mom has been inspired by you and I to audition a vegatarian lifestyle for a while. I'm proud of her. She has asked me over for a blackbean salad tonight. YUM! Ryan made me a wonderful whole wheat pasta, with grillled veggies last night after I came home from Ballet. He's embracing this lifestyle without admitting it. ^_^


enjoy your break!


I was wondering about the lip balm and am glad to read your own experience, Tracy :-) And take time to enjoy your roses!


Thanks for the heads up on a good natural product! I am always willing to try something new and will be sure to check it out.

Question.... is the scent of rose light? I only like rose if its light, not to heavy.

Yolanda Elizabet

Have a lovely day off and don't forget to smell the roses. ;-) And you know it, Bliss is only one stitch away. :-D LOL


Lovely lovely sight. I think you would really like this one, too. It's one of my favorites:


I love secrets!!!!!


Many thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving the lovely comments about the shop. Will pop in to see your blog as it looks lovely. Tricia


Sounds like a lovely relaxing time, with some lovely products too. Must look at your friends shop as my sisters birthday is in a couple of months and she is very sensitive to beauty products so would be nice to be able to get her something that she wouldnt react to!!


I will check her out :) Hope you're enjoying your week!


Hi Tracy,
I hope you had a nice, relaxing few days. Have a wonderful weekend, too.

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