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June 27, 2007



I am in love. . . with your bags. They are so beautiful! I went to purchase one yesterday (buy myself an early birthday gift!) but paypal and I don't get along - I can't access my account because I can't remember my password and don't have the last four digits of my old credit card. GACK! Is there another way to pay? I believe your in Norway . . . I'm all the way over here in Minnesota, US. HELP! MUST HAVE BAG!


Beautiful, serene pictures on your blog as always, dear Tracy! Don't you just love Etsy? It is special, isn't it, on both ends. Looks like your shop is very successful already! Quite deservedly so :) Congratulations, again! Sending hugs from a cloudy Paris.


Lovely photos, as always. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree", does it - you know I have container upon container of ribbons! They are indeed hard to resist. Wishing you much success with your new shop. All the bags are absolutely beautiful. Love you dearly, Momma


Another beautiful post; I always feel pleased when I come here to see you've taken more picturesa and written some more.

We used to have a strawberry patch in our last garden (not enough sun or space now) and I loved trekking down there first thing and picking a bowlful to have for breakfast, still warm from the sun. I miss my old fruit garden!

sara, the house of charm

Tracy you have just the best attitude, I love reading your blog! I love ribbons!!! I had special ones for my wedding bouquet and I'm on the hunt for nice ones to use for tieing up kits for my business.


Local strawberries have just come into season here and they really are delicious.

Enjoy the tastes and delights of summer Tracy.

Marie x


oh yum, the strawberries are delicious this year, just bought some from the farmers market, they weren't home for 10 min and we gobbled them up! will have to try the pasta salad recipe, looks delish, thanks for sharing! Lisa.


I love your new jewelry from that soon to be famous Bully Beads! :) What a picture perfect berry too! Makes me hungry.



The bags you made are simply beautiful.


AWWW!! I'm so glad you like your new earrings!!Glad it didn't take too long to get there either!! Seems like everytime I come over here to your blog, I get hungry..wonder why that is?? hehehe! I should just send you all my things and let you take pics of them...you're awesome with that little camera!

Glad you're getting some berries!! The birds and chipmunks eat mine :(


Your bags are gorgeous and each one so unusual.
I think your white flower is a Philadelphus or Mock Orange, though they usually have lovely fragrant flowers.
I love reading your blog and I'm a regular visitor. Thanks for all the lovely recipes!


Those strawberries look luscious! Wish I had a berry patch.
Nice earrings.
Have a good evening.



Hi Tracy,
Yummy your strawberries look so delicious!!
I will be definetly trying your salad recipe out it looks devine!!
Your knitting looks like it would be quiet a nice scarf I love the color, the color looks really fresh.
Hope you have a great weekend!


It is always such a treat to come over and read your blog Tracy.
I huge, white envelope came in my mail today! Your bag is sooooo lovely.


Mom used to force us out into the fields in the summer LOL I grew up among many fruit farms and each summer we'd go out and U-pick our own fruits. There is nothing that tastes better in this world than a sun warmed strawberry picked in the field and plopped directly in the mouth. I can still feel it and taste it. :)


your flower is a mock orange and one of the most beautiful natural fragrances in the garden. I could just sit under a bush of it all day-lucky you!If you trim it and let it spred you will be rewarded with blissful fragrance whenever the breezes blow. Lovely!I'm a quilter from NY. Love your blog. stop by and visit although I'm not getting a lot of quilting done-hope to change that this coming week. http://deemcdonaldoptonlinenet-dee.blogspot.com/

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