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August 22, 2007



Dear Tracy, there is so much I would like to tell you that it would probably better be part of an email... Pending the time to do that properly, I am sending you a whole bunch of hugs. (((((Tracy))))))


yummmmy! cashews are a definite favorite in some asian dishes and sure wish i could get a bite on that tuna pizza. do you also like chili?! oh i can't do w/o it. :-D
so good to hear that the sale has gone on really well! well done!
Oh...don't feel the blues, i'll always be able to share some of the summer with you from this island. ;-)


you are making me hungry!


Yum, looks good. We had lentil chilli with cornbread just 2 days ago - I'm sad that it's already cold enough to warrant it, but it was really delicious!


Hi Tracy,
Wow, what delicious food! Even me, been a meat lover, got my mouth watery. :)
Congratulations on your sells! Your bags are really all beautiful!
Love and hugs. ;)


What yummy looking food. You even managed to make sardines look good!


My mouth is watering :-)

Wild Rose

Hi Tracy

Your cookery is a work of art! What great photos and tasty dishes.

Glad to hear that your sale is going so well.

Marie x

sara, the wine makers wife

Mmm the red lentil sauce looks like a meal for for Ryan! I am so excited to try that. Tracy, congrats on your sale!! I can attest to your craftmenship, your bags are second to none in quality. I'd love to special order a tea pot cozy, if you have time! I love the asian and butter yellow fabric you used for the little bag you gave me, or something just as funky!
Do you do commisions! ^_- I wish I was a guest at your table tonight, but I'll have to content myself with the photos!!!


What delicious looking food Tracy! You have been a busy girl. I'm ever so glad you are having great success with your sale! That's wonderful news! I thought the ideas you sent me for my proposal sounded just perfect. Will get back to you on that once I receive my lovely bag(s) I think any bag made by you would make a lovely gift at any rate! You are so talented and your work so very beautifully done. I think you are a bit like me in that respect. If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well, from something as simple as a pasta sauce to something as complicated as a bag. ((((HUGS)))) Happy Day!


You know, I just assumed you and DH were a meat-totaling household. I like the look of that paella - yum! green olives!


Scrumptious... I think only you could come close to getting me try sardines -lol!


All that food looks yummy! My daughters love pasta with red lentil sauce - in fact we might have it tonight - thanks for that, one less things to worry about! I'm going to have a go at that paella! Congrats with the shop sales!
Kim x


Foods look great.
Have a great day.


Tracy I am experiencing the END of summer time
blues..boo hoo...as I LIVE for the summer!!
I am not ready to to begin the baby steps into autumn :(
mmmm...I love these recipes..the pizza would be different fo me with fish topping it!
Have a great weekend ..hugs NG


Yummy looking dishes, minus the sardines. lol

I have had them before but never on pizza.

Hope your headaches are subsiding.



Thanks for the recipes! Everything looks and sounds delicious.


That food sounds & looks great! I'd love to try making it for my family but suspect they wouldn't go for it! I just finished off 1/2 a hummus recipe all by myself! I really enjoyed it but, apparently, the garlic scent wasn't very favorable! LOL! I wonder if there is hummus gum?! Have a great week!

Evelyn Lum

Hello Chef Tracy! You are the first creative chef I know. All your recipes seems yummy. I exceptionally like the pizza. I LOVE sardines but I'm the only one in my home who would eat sardines. Your Cashew Paella looks a little like my pineapple fried rice. I bet yours taste good too!


oooh, I think that paella will have to be given a try! I dont really care for seafood but LOVE cashews and olives so I think this may be the dish for me. Thanks for that link! Congrats on all your etsy sales - how teriffic! I have to admit I am glad to say that Spring is about to start here and summer is just around the corner - woo-hoo!


Everything looks delicious. Will definitely have to try the Red Lentil Pasta Sauce, it looks so good.

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