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August 20, 2007



Maybe your trees are suffering the wet summer too... plants, like roses, have lots of fungus problems when they stay damp. Hopefully the hard prune will cure all, and then next summer you will find a bountiful harvest growing!
I like the photo *mistake.* Sometimes we focus beyond what is right in front of us... LOL... And you do have a beautiful fence!
Tracy I hope your last few weeks of summer warm-up and fill you with enough light and joy to carry you through fall, winter and spring. I suspect you will embrace each new season with the same grace and pleasure you seem to take in so many things.
Lots of hugs to you.

sara, the wine makers wife

Looking forward to Fall as well. That apple picture was great! I'llbe sure to check out your etsy site!!!


Your designs are charming and each so unique!
We rented a house while this one was being built and that rented house had 5 fruits trees.plums peaches and 2 different apple trees! We had so much fun harvesting and just eating them right from the tree! Our property now is small however we did manage to plant 2 bing cherry trees that we harvest in June..if the ~night vistors or birds~ don't get to them first! Have a wonderful sale! hugs NG


Having healthy apple trees would be wonderful! All that abundance for pies, sauce and cobblers just sounds great. Best of luck finding your solution for next year!


It is hard to feel chipper when the weather is so gloomy, but the rain cannot last and soon it will be sunny again. I have faith in that! I have to say Tracy that, having purchased one of your bags, your work is impeccable. Your bags are of the finest quality and handiwork, well worth every penny. I am really hoping tha I can get another one, fingers crossed! I am looking foward to your new fall line as well!


Oh I'm glad you found Melly & Me - isn't their site great? - ,and Sonnja! Sounds like there will be many more pretty bears winging their way across. I've been meaning to check my stash too ...


Your bags are lovely, just simply elegant. I will check out your etsy for sure! I'm so glad you found me. My grandfather was born in Norway. My mother spent her early childhood years only speaking Norwegian. My sons took Norwegian in college as our scandinavian heritage is very important to us. I will stop back soon!

Wild Rose

Hi Tracy

I've just returned from a walk and it certainly feels like Fall today. It is 16 C and it was raining. I really enjoyed being able to wear jeans and a jacket without feeling overdressed...as you may have guessed, I'm no fan of the heat and humidity.

Your etsy items are beautiful and I am sure that they will sell out fast.

Marie x


Our apple tree went through a rough patch a couple of months ago and we had to chop lots of it away, but we seem to have masses of apples this year - maybe the trick is to give it a good hard prune. I made apple and fig jam yesterday for the first time and it is the prettiest colour! We can smell Autumn in the air tonight - I don't really mind except that we haven't exprienced much of a summer!
Kim x


I can feel that fall is on its way as well. It is stinking-hot here right now, but I can tell that the light is changing. Yes, I'm sensitive to those summertime blues too!


Lovely apple photos! I especially like the one with the apple in the foreground and the yard behind it! Sometimes a photo is just meant to be!


If you keep up all this sewing, you're gonna need a new machine soon! So glad the auction went well! Hehehe..you should see some of my toss out photos...yours look like it was supposed to be like that :)

Victoria May Plum

I'm so looking forward to Autumn, and Christmas too! All of the apples on our tree are too high to reach! We shall have to leave them for the birds.
The little bear charity sounds like such a wonderful idea, I'm sure that those little kiddies will be thrilled with their gifts.

Anyway, have a great time making all of those Autumnal goodies. Speak to you soon
Victoria x

Sandi McBride

You may have fire blight on your apple tree. We had a problem with fire blight and used a soap wash, then pruned and BURNED the affected limbs...also, are there any cedars growing near your apple tree? They cause a problem...I have a cedar near mine, so just planted more apple trees farther away, couldn't bear to cut down the cedar, it's such a love tree and home to many birds.
Enjoyed your blog, and that is a lovely bag!


Hi Tracy! The apples look great - such a pity that the trees have a fungus-problem though. It seems that autumn has arrived in the north of Norway too. The weather is great, but the air is a lot crisper than just last week. And last night it was freezing cold! Time for blankets in the couch and candlelights soon... But autumn has its charm too, if its not too rainy, that is. I look forward to see what's coming in your Etsy Shop. Seems like the sale is going very well, the bags are almost selling by the minute! Such fun! Have a great week, hope the sun will stay in Horten. Hugs!


Know what you mean about summer waning, it seems positively autumnal here at the moment, best of luck with your Etsy sale, sounds like there are lots of bargains to grab.


We are eating apple and blackberry rumble most night at the moment. The apple tree's in the garden are covered with a good crop this year. Unfortunately are summer has been very hit and miss. It's hard to tell if it's going to be a sunny or a rainy day, as the weather is changing so frequently - Julia


We are eating apple and blackberry rumble most night at the moment. The apple tree's in the garden are covered with a good crop this year. Unfortunately are summer has been very hit and miss. It's hard to tell if it's going to be a sunny or a rainy day, as the weather is changing so frequently - Julia


That apple photo is wonderful...I love happy accidents! We've had a couple of cool days here lately and I'm definitely not ready for autumn yet, either. But I am looking forward to seeing what you create in your craft room this fall!

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