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August 03, 2007


Tips Of All Sorts

Thanks so much for the update. Now it's time to make sure I can finish my necklaces and hope they make it there before the 18th!


I started a new little rabbit in the car on our trip yesterday. I'm going to try to finish it this weekend and send it. Too bad about the auction, but you've found the perfect solution, I think...I'd better get knitting:)


As we discussed yesterday, I've posted a picture of my bag on my blog, and have put it in the post to you today - hope it can catch a ride with your pretty doll quilt!

Take care!

Val xxx

PS Thanks for posting the link to ToddlerPlanet :-)

tea time and roses

Hmmmmm I must work quickly, I will be ready for pictures this weekend... It's okay about the auction, it is still a go!




I will try really hard to finish my items in time! I am sorry that things have not been able to work out the way you planned! Never mind we'll do our best anyways! I had heard about Inflammatory breast cancer last year. My mother had breast cancer when she was just a bit older than me, so I am all too aware of my risks as her daughter and I am sure to check myself regularly. This inflammatory Breast Cancer is terrible though. It's hard to detect and seems to be a more virulent form of cancer than the other. We really need to get the word out there to our sister friends! Every little helps! They need to be aware! Looking forward to your next post! Oh yes! Todd is getting me something special for my birthday. I new cutting mat and ruler and cutter for quilting! I had to leave mine back in Canada and was missing it so much! Now I'll have a new one! Have a great weekend my special friend! XXOO


A wonderful cause! I am a survivor of breast cancer!WOO HOO bless you!
hugs from one that now stands on
~SOLID~ ground NG


Thank you for passing the information about IBC on! Best wishes for your friend Krystal and her recovery!


Well, I didn't think I could be more motivated to help, but the link you shared has really shaken me. I made an apron and I will photograph it and send it for the auction and I will share the IBC post, so we get the word out.
Oh my. The world is complicated and unfair. Thank you for making a bright place for us. ((Hugs)) all around! We need them.


I was so sorry to hear this ( which I understand, still -- the ebay thing I mean) and this because it takes one whole week from where I live to make it to the US ( even using global priority/airmail) so there will be less than I had initially planned that can be ready for the week to come to be out in the mail (esp. since I'm not home this Sat evening + Sunday) But I'm still willing to try !
Can you send us all the address where this should be shipped ?
Happy (busy weekend) to all of you !


oops sorry i read Evelyn's post and saw the address !


Such a shame re the online auction, had no idea these things could be so very complicated.


Good luck with this Tracy - I have been following the progress of the auction on your blog and fingers crossed that you raise lots of money. I feel very bad that I have not been able to contribute anything but I have been so busy and have been worried that I would let you down by promising something and then not being able to deliver the goods on time .... well done for organising this and my thoughts are with you all.
Kim x


I have out of town company at my house until Wednesday. I will be sending some bags to Evelyn at the end of the week, is that okay?

By the way, thanks for the nice comments on my blog and I love the new bags you have listed in your Etsy shop.


Hey bud! Sorry I didn't check out sooner, but saw the update and got busy! Finished a bracelet and matching earrings last night..now I'm off to email Evelyn and get her addy so I can send them off to her :) You're a doll!

Wild Rose

Hoping to send my contribution tomorrow. Best wishes to Krystal

Marie x

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