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August 17, 2007



Tracy, I love these little glimpses into your world. Your home looks like a peaceful place, a beautiful place and a place I would feel very comfortable in being. I have been quite swamped at work this week so have not had alot of time to play and write. I have to wanted to catch up with you and have a chat. Perhaps this weekend? Dare I hope? ((((HUGS))))

Abraham Lincoln

I have enjoyed your post today.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting there. I appreciate that a lot.

I am also glad that you got to know a squirrel for a period of time. They are special.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

You can also see the blog posts on my website -- oldmanlincoln.com. Just click on my archives.

Kim Sherrod

What nice pictures. Your home looks calm and serene. Not like my Calamity Cavalcade of Chaos! Hope you are ok- prayers still with you, sweetie.


What beautiful photos.
And you truly deserve the award!

Evelyn Lum

Thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home. We have seen what beauty you have created in your garden, now we get to see the inside ... what a treat!!


Hi dear Tracy,
Thank you for your visit and sweet comment. I also hope that Edward find a new home soon and give lots of joy to whoever purchase him.I understand what you said about griefing. It takes tim etill th eemotions settle.Your photos are delightful and the corners of your house are very sweet. You indeed made if very cosy. ;)
Have a great weekend, my friend.


You are so special and I feel a great deal of emotion as I read this post and know that I chose someone who is most deserving of this award and much more!! You inspire me so much in the way you care and share with us what's in your heart!
Your home is certainly one filled with soul!
Grief does not follow and orderly path I am pleased that you felt some comfort and were uplifted by the blog community!
hugs NG


What a beautiful blog and lovely home! I have enjoyed reading your blog very much. I hope to return often for a catch up.


Thank you for sharing small pieces of your home and life. Congratulations on the award. It goes to a very deserving person, you do make the blogging world more beautiful and a friendlier place. Have a rest filled weekend and lots of fun crafting.


I like all your photos here!
Thank You for sharing. I will come back and start from beginning :)
.....about grief...maybe it`s good to acknowledge that we feel it, instead of being numb and feeling nothing at all.............


YAY!! You deserve that award! I don't think I know anyone nicer!

Charlie looks so cute all sprawled out in his little bed! Wish my house was as tidy as yours...I call mine country clutter :)

jessica daisy

Congratulations on your award Tracy, and thanks for showing us some lovey shots from your home, I especially like the idea of the shells in a jar, I might pinch that one if thats ok?
Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I'm sure shes gone to a better place, but know It's sad for the people she leaves behind.
Also well done for making it to you Blogiversary, that cake looks divine!


Congratulations on the award. Definitely well deserving. Glad to know things are returning to normal. Looking forward to seeing what has been brewing.

Thanks so much for all of the nice comments you continue to leave on my blog. They are truly appreciated.


What a fresh and lovely peek into your home. It looks like an inspiring place, a peaceful haven.
Congratulations on the award Tracy. Nice does matter and you are by far one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of *meeting.* You project your sincerity and grace through your blog and your deeds, and you make life more beautiful for me... thank you for being and for sharing yourself.


How sweet of you, Tracy! And congratulations on your own award - well-deserved. Isn't wonderful to get beautiful light indoors? You've captured some very pretty vignettes. Charlie seems to be making the most of the time!


Just poping by to wish you a great weekend :) Looks like a lovely home you have! Love your Hello Kitty socks ;) - Yes, both my doughter and I love HK ^^


Congrats on your award


A lovely post Tracy. Your home feels so loved and peaceful. Glad you're feeling a little better, grief is a curious thing, it stays with us for a long while. Hope you're having a good weekend
Kim x


Thanks for the little tour! I think you posted a photo of an orchid! I love orchids but wouldn't even hope to grow one! Congrats on your 2nd Nice Matters Award too!

sara, the house of charm

Tracy, your craft corner is lovely. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful space. Love the hello kitty sockies!!! I love all the open air in your craft room. Lovely!


Congrats on the award! And thanks so much for the mention and for sharing it with me. I truly appreciate it.
Happy to hear that you are feeling better though I know it isn't easy. And anytime you need a listening ear, you know you have us to 'talk' to. ;-)
Thanks for the tour and hey, you're a HK fan as well!

Wild Rose

Many congratulations Tracy! You must be an especially nice person to recieve this award again.

What fun to see glimpses of your home...I spy a Darlana horse in the last photo...

Marie x


I enjoyed all your home scenes :)

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