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September 23, 2007



mmmm, its making me hungry just looking at it.
Sarah x


What an interesting combination! I'm not sure whether I'll be successful getting my dh to try it ~ he thought he was being adventurous eating Dijon mustard with ham! LOL!

Jenna Z

Ooooh, Gorgonzola, my love! Sounds liek your Sarnie and my Sarnie would be best buds! They'd console each other when the big mean roast beef and the clique of turkey, chicken and tuna salad sandwiches made fun of them. You know, for being different. For having fruit AND cheese.


mmm, I've had pear, walnut and blue cheese before, but never with mango chutney - sounds yummy!


Good to hear you are feeling better! And that sandwhich sounds great.

What is mango chutney though? Is is like a salsa or a jam?


Sarah Leak

That sounds delicious! Will have to try it.

Merisi's Vienna

Oh, I get hungry and homesick at the same time. Lancaster is such a lovely little town, the whole area beautiful, with those Amish farms all around.
Where in the US are you heading this time?


Ohh Tracy! Thanks so much for your delicious addition to my Sarnie event! It looks fantastic! Will be trying it out post haste and I do have some walnut bread about! I have not had that many entries thus far, only about 4 or 5, but am hoping that more people will jump on the bandwagon and show us their Sarnies! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Sad you didn't get to go to the apple festival though. Happy Monday! XXOO


That sarnie looks delicious! I'm definitely going to make one of those.Glad you're starting to feel better.


So glad to hear that you're "on the mend"!

Your sandwich looks yummy too!


That’s some gorgeous sandwich. I would like to try one, but it’s what we call a calorie-bomb. I will have to exercise for two weeks at least to recover from eating one! Glad you’re on the mend!


I'm not much of a cheese person, but your sandwich is so appealing especially with the pear+mango!


Um-yum... it looks scrumptious.

simply stork

wow that does look good...I think I might give that one a try...
~simply stork~ (hello again :o)

Alice C

Wow! That looks so tasty that I think that I must go and raid the fridge.
We have been to Lancaster County as well and had some delicious food in the Diners. Such a beautiful, friendly part of the world.

Mary Ellen

Just the description of your sandwich made my knees go weak. A trip to the cheeseman is in order! Thanks for the recipe!

tea time and roses

Hi Tracy...I am so happy to hear you are feeling much better, wonderful news that is! I must say the sandwich looks delicious, and I adore blue cheese. I had to call Honey over to take a look at this one. We will be giving it a try! So sorry about the apple harvest festival, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you make one while on vacation... You and your Dear Husband have a wonderful week...




I know someone who would love this!

Yolanda Elizabet

Your sarnie looks like a winner to me. A pity I can't taste it, I love blue cheese! ;-)


It looks like a miam miam sandwich !!!Can we share it ?

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