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September 27, 2007



Hello Tracy, How cute!! Do you knit the fingerless gloves with round needles?
(I have posted about the 7 things!)


Oh, those are just adorable!

Wild Rose

Hi Tracy, What a great collection of gloves. As Winter is approaching, I feel certain that they will be sold quickly.

Marie x


These are great!


How cute!!! They are adorable and make me wish we were heading to winter (not really!!!) There is never a bad time for bright colours!!!!


I love those Tracy! What a great idea for those cold fall days!!!


Oh Tracy! You have been so busy! Wonderful, just wonderful! I love them. Will try to e-mail you this afternoon when I am on my break! And perhaps this weekend we can meet for a chat? (fingers crossed!)
Love you my special friend! Hope you are truly feeling better and recovered from your bout of the sniffles!xxoo


Tracy you are always busy making something!! I love the handwarmers, what a great idea. It's cold, wet and grey here today so they would be very useful. Hope you have a lovely weekend
Kim x


Wow, I love those. Great colors too.


Hi. I have tagged you. Visit my page ;-D

tea time and roses

Tracy these are the cutest fingerless gloves! You are right, there is nothing wrong with a little bright color in the season. :o) You have been a busy little lady filling your shop...so many beautiful things.




Lovely!! And what tiny hands you have. ^_^


They look so nice and cosy and bright. I love them. Hope you are feeling better.


they're absolutely lovely !

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