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October 30, 2007


Cathi in Ireland

Will have a good think on this one! I used to buy Victoria all the time in high school and college...funny huh? Cool that it is back again...


Dear Tracy,

Thank you for your note. I will be replying your email soon.I am still very tired and finding it a bit hard to get over the jet lag this time. But I hope I am feeling a bit better by the weekend as my in laws are having a super dooper Halloween party and I cannot miss that for the world. I will also be doing this nice meme soon. Even though I think I am just a baby in craft world. :)
Hope you are well.
Lots of love and hugs.


My dear Tracy, that’s some wonderful story! I love to read it and I’m with you on the shyness part! It’s a great to learn more about the other things you do besides knitting and making bags. You are a multi-talented multi-tasker and you did a great job by adding the last question! I want to buy sock yarn and try socks too. I never did, I knitted my DH three sweathers (he’s 197 cm tall!) I won’t do that again...!

tea time and roses

Hi Tracy! You are home again you and Dear Husband safe and sound. :o) I know your trip was a lovely one, and your family was thrilled to see you! I am feeling wonderful, and our city is now in the mist of rebuilding the lives of those who lost their homes... Thank you for your prayers... Why do I craft...Boy I have lots to say on that subject LOL! Thanks Tracy... You have a fantastic rest of the week...




I wish you could have seen me nodding and heard me say "oh my gosh, me too" so many times while I read your post! Thank you for sharing, Tracy!


Beautiful entry once again Tracy! I loved reading about how the crafting bug bit you! You sound so much like me, it's uncanny! By the way you are one of the prize winners in my Show Us Your Sarnie sandwich event! And Lucky you, you get to choose between a box of chocolates and the Flower Salves! Hmm....what to choose, what to choose! Send me an e-mail and let me know and I'll have it out to you post haste and thanks so much Tracy for participating in my event and helping to make it a success! XXOO Hope you are having a wonderful day! Luv ya!


Love your sharing! And you are but a true craftsman. ;-) I know that you'll continue to inspire, motivate and encourage all those around you!


Very interesting how you have evolved both as a person and crafter over time and what has influenced you one way or the other. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Tracy,

It is lovely to learn a little more about our friends and the influences that have shaped their lives. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the person behind the blog.

Marie x

French Knots

It's interesting what motivates or compels our creativity. If only there were more hours in each day for all the projects we'd like to make! x


I never thought I'd enjoy knitting socks. But I started with a very easy pattern and after I grasped the construction of the thing I discovered I loved it. Keep trying Tracy. You may hit your stride yet :)


Hi Tracy! I loved learning a little bit more about "you" through this post! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

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