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October 28, 2007



Hi there dear Tracy,

It's nice to see that you had a great vacation as we did. I am facing the same things as you right now. I also hope I will be back crafting as soon as possible. I am dying to start some christmas little decorations to our house.
Hope you are having a great sunday.
Lots of love nad hugs.


Congrats on your latest award....you have always, your whole life, made me smile. Since our shopping trip while you were here, you've got me hooked on beads. I made a bracelet last night. I just now finished another one. But, lo and behold, this one apparently wasn't knotted tight enough at the end. So, when I put it on it popped open, beads flying everywhere! Now I'll have to start all over again. I'm loving the beading, but it would surely help if I had younger eyes to see the holes better! Love you, Momma


My Dear Tracy, if anyone deserves a You make Me Smile award, it is you! You always make me smile. We had to change our clocks back last night too. I always have a hard time adjusting to the time change. I guess I am an old dog who hates new tricks! Sorry I misssed you on MSN today. Hoping to catch you soon. Luv ya!


Hello Tracy, I loved reading your post and visiting all the links to lovely other bloggers! Mushroom Stroganoff sounds Wonderful.
We are having Boeuf Bourguignon tonight, because my sweet man was in desperate need of some meat! We changed the clocks too! It really feels like Christmastime is coming....


Oh Tracy... thank you. I bet it was hard to choose just a few bloggers to nominate for this award... there are a lot of happy and funny blogs--blogs that bring up smiles. You put me in good company.
Winter is coming in fast where you live, but we don't change our clocks until November. I am actaully looking forward to those long nights... maybe because it's one of the few changes that distinguishes the change in seasons. I am aching for a real winter...! Maybe I should be careful what I wish for ...lol.


To my dearest Tracy...I smile as I read this post and I thank you for awarding me with the smile award..I am honoured. I think that we all try to share and give a little smile to one another with our posts...there is always a friendly face at the other end when I read blogs...you certainly add a sparkle to the blog community dear Tracy..so you deserve this award and I congratulate the others that you
awarded! hugs and smiles Anna xo

Mary Ellen

Your award is well deserved. The comments you leave are always thoughtful and cheering. Just seeing your name in the address line in my email makes me smile in anticipation of a pleasant comment. Fondly, ME

Wild Rose

Hi Tracy,

How wonderful to receive this award from three bloggers! It is so richly deserved. Your blog is such a pleasure to read and I truly value your friendship.

Meeting Naturegirl on Saturday was a treat ~ she is a sweet soul. We greeted each other like old friends and we are going to get together again soon (when I'm not working!) Lynda dropped by with her husband Bobby and I enjoyed seeing them again too ~ both visits made my day.

Hope to speak to you soon.


Marie x


Yay welcome back and yay for another deserving award! Thank you for all the smiles you bring. :-)

Happy crafting!


I wouldn't be surprised if you won all the sweet, smile-y, and kind rewards that are out there! You deserve each one, xo.


Congrats on the award Tracy, very well deserved. A cold damp Sunday here too and it's dark now because of the clocks!!! Roll on Spring - it's so hard to feel that the day isn't over at 5pm! Mushroom stroganoff sounds delicious
Kim x

jessica daisy

Congratulations on your award Tracy, you certainly deserve it, glad to see that your safely home from your holiday, and so glad that you had a lovely time.


You deserve to smile :-)


Congrats on a well desreved award and welcome home.

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