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December 26, 2007



Charlie looks so contented! Glad to read that you had a lovely Christmas day! (I like the way you hang up your X'mas cards!!) Wishing you more relaxing days ahead!

Alice C

What lovely photos! It makes all the hard work worthwhile when Christmas parties and feasts are so special.
I love the new header - very fresh and 2008!


So glad to hear you had such a fun as well as relaxing Christmas time!!! I love your scarf and I am sure it was very well recieved! Time to prepare for New Year now!! Keep enjoying your days and a very Happy New Year to you and all those that you hold dear!


Hi TRacy.

What a cute way to hang your Christmas cards. Thanks alot for the one you sent me. I am sorry I couldn't keep up with cards this year, suddenly our house filled with so many people.


Hi Tracy - that is a lovely scarf - you are so clever. Charlie looks like one happy cat - I hope you and your husband were just as contented. Take care :-) x


Your house looks so cheerful and your kitty is too sweet! So glad to hear you had a good holiday. :)


Thanks for sharing a bit of your merriment with us. Your photos and message are delightful!
A very lovely scarf created with extra-special touches for Mom;
the patchwork theme is so appropriate.
All of the pinkpurl items gifted to my loved ones were graciously received and appreciated.
Enjoy the remaining holiday festivities---love and peace in the New Year!


Lovely photos Tracy. You have such a lovely and peaceable home. Oh thanks, thanks, THANKS for the Charlie love at the end! I could just reach out and stroke his fat little tummy! I would so much love to cuddle him, but I expect he might find me a pest!!! What an absolutely lovely scarf you made for your mum!!! I am sure she quite adored it. what a special gift, made even more so by the hands of her much loved daughter I am sure! Was so lovely to get to chat with you yesterday finally after how many weeks of trying and missing!!! Wonderful, hope we get to do it again soooooooon!!!!! XXOO Love ya!


It sure sounds like you had some quality Christmas Days! I love the tablesetting, pure and atmospheric! Your scarf turned out so beautiful and isn’t it nice that you mama will be warmed by something that was made by your own hands with love for her! Charlie looks like the innocence himself! Soooo cute!! Happy days my friend!


Thank You for your kind wishes!
I hope You had great time with your family and feeling this right Christmas feeling in your heart!

best regards from Germany


Dear Tracy,
may your days "between the years" continue to be filled with joy and peace and some time for yourself too,
hugs from Vienna,

tea time and roses

Beautiful Christmas!! Your table is just lovely Tracy! I love the tulips too, so soft and elegant...so lovely! What a beautiful scarf for your Mother, I am so glad she loves it! Like you, I think I will use the next few days to relax and enjoy some quiet...after the past days celebration. I think that is just what the doctor ordered LOL! Talk to you soon.

Big Hugs



Ahh... I was enjoying this post so much and then I scrolled down for the last bit and it got even better! There's Charlie looking so handsome and snug! I can just imagine your Christmas felt and smelled and sounded as beautiful as it looked. Sending you New Year (((hugs))) and thank you for sharing your lovely view with us.


Hi Tracy,

Your home looks so festive and your table looks lovely. You made your Mom such a beautiful gift.

Enjoy these quiet days ~
Marie x


Your kitty looks so relaxed! And I love your table setting. So elegant and simple. It makes me want to rush out and get tulips and clear away all the clutter!


Oh Tracy, I do like your phrase - blissed out! We, too, had a lot of fun, tried very hard not to heap our plates too high, and taught our new Chinese friend some games and laughed and laughed, of course!


Charlie looks so piecefull..purzzzzzzzz!
Yes it is nice to relax from all the pots and pans clattering in the kitchen. Of course my dear H. did all the food preparation for Christmas day and what a feast it was! I cannot STOP eating the sweets that lie around so nicley diplayed in stemware throughout the house!
I did enjoy the blessings of having family around and new memories made!
Peace love and harmony to you Tracy today and throughout the coming year!
I have been blessed in meeting you and look forward to our future communications both personally and through our blogs!
You have a B. Day coming up I see!
hugs aNNa xo

Becky K.

Hi Tracy,

You really know how to celebrate. Taking time out to do nothing sounds like pure bliss.

Love that scarf. The colors are so rich and luxurious.

Charlie has the right idea..so comfy and cozy.

Becky K.

Mary Ellen

Great scarf! I hope the new year brings continued health and happiness to you and the ones you love.


Thanks for the shots around your lovely home! Your momma is surely a proud owner of that scarf. ;-)

Have a great weekend celebrating your special day!

p.s. Hello Charlie!


It all looks beautiful Tracy - and the new banner is lovely. I do like the scarf - maybe a good quick project with some small bits of very luxurious fabrics!


So pleased you had a lovely relaxing Christmas Tracy. Your patchwork scarf is beautiful too and your home dining table looks wonderful ~ very inviting! Gx :O)


Well, it looks like Charlie knows how to celebrate the holiday! So nice to have a relaxing Christmas. Wishing you a bright and happy new year!

carol Eldridge

The table looks so inviting and I love the white tulips...sounds like you had a nice and peaceful holiday.

Happy New Year!



Great pictures - as always!

Have a Happy New Year! (((hugs!)))

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