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December 30, 2007



I get to be the first blogger friend to wish you a very happy birthday. I liked what you had to say about turning thirty-five. I must tell you though that the last time you posted a picture, I though that you must be in your twenties. It's funny, because I thought you had a lot of wisdom for someone in their twenties LOL.

I turned forty-five this year, so thirty-five now seems quite young. I do remember comtemplating what it meant to turn thirty-five. It's kind of a transitional age, like you said. I didn't really think about turning forty-five though. I have a few more aches and pains in the morning and find excuses not to going running at five in the morning more often. That's about it:)

Happy Birthday again!

Mary Ellen

Happy, happy, happy birthday! Your picture shows that you are truly beautiful, from the soul outwards! Have a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday, You certainly don't look your age. You look younger!!

Sandra Evertson

You're Beautiful!
Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!
Sandra Evertson


To my birthday girl, loving wishes for a happy day. You were supposed to be a January baby, but decided to come into this world early. You did everthing early, walking, talking. You were, and are, such a joy. You and your sister have turned into beautiful women. We are so proud of you both, for each of you are so loving and kind. I have been so blessed to be your mother, honored to call you my daughter. Thank you again for the beautiful scarf you made me. The picture you posted doesn't do it justice. I will feel very "glam" wearing it. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Wish we could celebrate together. Hope you will enjoy your gift. I love you, Momma


Happy Birthday dear Tracy! Such a beautiful 35-year-old! I would have never guessed, though--you really do look much younger! :)

Sending you many happy wishes for a wonderful year!

Becky K.

How wonderful! You are the perfect age...unless it is my age at 40!

Happy birthday and may God grant you a wonderful 35th year!

Becky K.


Happy Birthday Friend! Thank you so much for being a friend to me and for writing your thoughts and feelings on this blog.


PS. Sorry I haven't emailed.... I have so much to say! :)


Happy, happy, happy birthday Tracy!! Yes, 35 is a very good age. Enjoy it. :-)


Happy Birthday Tracy! I so wanted to be the first one to wish you Happy Birthday wishes, but I see some others were more on the ball than I was and beat me to it! I hope you have a wonderful day. Your gift is in the post so hopefully will arrive soon! I think Tracy that you are a very special spirit and that you bless each life you touch. That is a gift and you have it. Boy oh boy do I ever wish I was just turning 35! Makes me feel soooo old! Mmm.....Chocolate Cake and Charlie, what could be better than that! XXOO


PS. I Keep meaning to tell you FAB job on the new header! Love it!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!! You are a mere youngster, and a very lovely one at that - both in looks and in your soul. I'm so glad I found your blog (and therefore you behind it). I hope you have a brilliant day and wish you (and yours) a wonderful year ahead.

Love, Kitty xxx


Gratulerer med dagen kjære Tracy. Kos deg med Terje og Charlie. Vi er så glad i deg.
Hilsen fra alle her, både store og små.


Dear Tracy,

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and that your blessings be doubled!
Also want to wish you a very Happy New Year and that we can be more and more in touch in 2008.
Hope hear from you soon, my dear friend.
Lots and lots of love and hugs!


Happy 35th Birthday dear Tracy!!! You look so lovely! I’m glad we have met through our blogs became (blog)friends. Enjoy being 35! It seems like ages ago to me! It’s great to read your mama’s comment! I wish you a wonderful day together with DH and Charlie!! Lots of Dutch Hugs)))) Nicolette

French Knots

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day. Love your necklace! x


A lovely post Tracy. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead. xx


hope you have a truly lovely day! happy birthday.


What a lovely 35th birthday portrait you have presented!
Beauty in spirit, body and mind.
"Discovering" your blog (though so much more!) has been one of the bright spots of my year.
Each month of inspiration reads as a
chapter in a new book of which I have recently become deeply engrossed.
You are a gifted and charming young woman who so selflessly shares your thoughts and creativity.
Thank you for all of this.
Happy, happy birthday, dear friend!


Happy birthday Tracy.
You are beautiful!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY! i'm counting my blessings too to have met you this year and to have your lovely blog posts to read. Thankyou for the loving words and inspirations and may you have those things returned to you in your own life, enjoy the cake and champagne with your family today,love Kat xxx


Oh! I feel like I've arrived to the party late, but you will excuse me for sleeping in just bit, since today is my birthday too! Happy Birthday to us! I officially like my birthday a lot, lot more, now that I know it is your birthday too! You are lovely... your kindness, talent, generous heart... it all matches your beauty... what a perfect portrait. Cheers!

Joni aka DustBunny

Happy Birthday Tracy! Hope you have a super day! Love your picture...ahhhh to be a young 35. So long ago I forgot. LOL
Relax and have some cake and just enjoy the day. Hope you're having good weather.
Take care!
(p.s. The Patch misses you!)


Happy Birthday Dear Tracy.... happy birthday to youuu... Your inner light shines bright on your lovely face! May your day be joyful and your year be blessed!

Wild Rose

Hi Tracy

Happy Birthday! I had no idea that it was this weekend ~ sorry I missed you yesterday. I'll look out for you today.

Marie x

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