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December 30, 2007



Beautiful thoughts on your special day, dear Tracy! Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady :)

Happy Birthday, Tracy! Big hugs :)

ps: I love your necklace. :)


Tracy wishing you a ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~
A lovley portrait of the birthday girl!
hugs NG xo


Happy birthday Tracy!!
Your portrait looks very beautiful:o)
Liked your thoughts on turning thirty-five. You are so right, this in-between-place is very comfortable....
I follw you in March ;-D

Best wishes for the New Year :o) Beginnings are always exciting.....


Happy Birthday, dear Tracy!! 35 is a wonderful age to be! May all the best be yours this year ... love & hugs, Lynda xoxo


Happy Happy Birthday - you look TERRIFIC! I think 35 is a great age to stay at. I think in my mind I am still there! Lots to be thankful for.


Happy birthday to you!

I can fully relate with the insights in this post. I would never trade the wisdom I have acquired over the years, but the wrinkles I could do without!

I hope your weekend is filled with wonderful celebretion!

tea time and roses

Happy Birthday Tracy...you look beautiful!! Enjoy!!




joyeux anniversaire Tracy !
what a beautiful portrait picture !
lots of love on your way from France & hoping you had a great day !!!


Happy Birthday, my friend! Wishing you a blessed 35th year ahead! And lots of love and {{warm hugs}}!

p.s. So glad you like the pin!


Happy Happy Birthday Tracy! Thirty five suits you, you look beautiful and very content. Enjoy your age and the New Year to come. Wishing you all good things


Happy Birthday for yesterday. I wish I was 35 again but as Joan Collins once said 'Getting older is better than the alternative'. Now, in my 50s I can barely remember my 30s; the whole decade just seemed to whizz by. Enjoy your youth!

Evelyn Lum

Happy Birthday Tracy! Wishing you another year of happiness, good health and plenty creativity!!


Happy Happy Belated Birthday! Thirty five is a fun age - I have enjoyed my thirties more than my twenties I think. And next year I get to find out what the forties are like ;-)


Oh Tracy, I'm so sorry I'm late for your birthday! Nevertheless, I wish you joy, wisdom, and much laughter, and may our Lord continue to bless you and yours during this 2008. One of the best things that happened to me this year was meeting you. Lovely person, and lovely YOU.

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go (Brooks Atkinson)



Happy Birthday Tracy! (Sorry I'm a day late.) What a beautiful photograph of a beautiful person!


Happy belated birthday! Glad to see another Sag out blogging about her age! Hope the champagne and cake was blissful! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2008!


Happy Birthday!
35 was great year for me - I hope it will be good for you too!

Alice C

Happy Birthday Tracy - thank you for the sunshine that your blog brings on the gloomiest of days. I wish you joy this year and dreams that can come true.


Happy Birthday! I didn't know we have birthdays so close. Mine is the 26th. Thank you for the reminder to cherish my hard won wisdom, and rejoice in all that we have gained. Hope your new year is all that you are wanting it to be. Love and joy to you.


*Happy Birthday*
Hope you had a wonderful day
love Alison x


Well, you snuck that birthday on us! You like content with your age in that photo, Tracy. Enjoy your 30s - I know you'll make the most of them! Hugs and more hugs :-)


Happy Birthday ! 35 is such a great age. Hope the chocolate cake was good :-)

Yolanda Elizabet

Belated, but heartfelt, happy birthday to you Tracy. Like you, I haven't had the time to do my rounds these last few weeks, so there's a lot of catching up to do! You look lovely for one sooooooooo very ancient. ;-) 35 is a good age to be, so enjoy!

loads of hugs from me and many purrrrrs from the Bliss team!


Happy Birthday! My birthday is 5 days earlier than yours AND 1 year earlier. So I just turned 36. Isn't it funny what comes with age? Sometimes I wonder if there are all these little things going on with my body now, how will I last until 70??? But there are so many good things as well. You put it so nicely in your post.

And look at you posting your pretty picture. You are skinny-minnie! :o)

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