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January 01, 2008



Happy New Years Tracy!! 2007 was indeed a very good year but I'm hoping to do better this upcoming one. So I came up with a motto for it (while commenting on Calamity Kim's delightful post about making habits for the new year) ... CREATE in 2008!!! Hope it's a fruitful one for you as well. :-)


happy new year tracy!


Wonderful throughts to begin the new year with Tracy. I truly hope that you and tj have a wonderful and blessed year and Charlie too! Can't forget him! One of the best things to come out of 2007 for me was finding you! What a blessing that has been for me my special friend. I am looking foward to so much in 2008. I hope that I can continue on my quest to become a better person and that I will finally get to meet you in person as well. And a few less pounds to carry on would definitely be the icing on my cake! XXOO


Happy New Year Tracy. You made a wonderful list of intentions. The most I like about January 1st is the fact that all December crazyness is over and we can go back to our daily routines. I try to reflect and set goals for myself on every Monday and not too much when a new year starts. I try to live my life to the fullest, to let it be about love and joy, about being unselfish. I have an open mind and love to learn in any way or form.
2007 is a memorable year for the fact that I started blogging and met so many wonderful people. I’m so happy we’ve met! I cherish our friendship. Love to you, TH and Charlie and may 2008 bring us love, peace, understanding, inspiration and creation and lots of fabrics and yarn!


Those are wonderful goals Tracy - I aspire to each and every one of them right alongside you. I hope you and DH (and Charlie) have a wonderful 2008. Take care. x


Happy New Year to you and your family Tracy!! Wishing you all the wonderful things you hope for. I keep my resolutions in my heart but share all of yours


Tracy, a lovely post, and wishing you and your family a very lovely new year too...my hopes and dreams are currently on my new post, but have chickened out of publishing it for some reason, not sure why. Maybe I will be brave at some stage, though.
Raising a glass to you, anna xx


Happy New Year Tracy! Your list is an inspiration... I think you covered the truly important points of fine living. This is the very first year I move from quiet contemplation to outright declarations about my resolve and hopes for the New Year... I am hoping it will help me adhere to my plans to adopt better habits. I will look to you and your beautiful thoughts for more encouragement... your blog always reflects a lovely perspective.


Innom og ønsker deg et godt og kreativt nytt år!

Og gratulerer med dagen som var :)


Thanks Tracy.

I needed your list tonight (I'm exhausted after another Christmas with a ful house, and tomorrow I start working again.....)


Happy 2008 to you too! I plan to blog about my thoughts of 2007 too and my hopes/dreams for 2008!


*Happy New Year*
Wishing you many blessings and hope that the new year is filled with love & joy for you and your loved ones.
Alison x


Happy New year Tracy, I love the way you write about the threads weaving through your life, may 2008 be a great one for you. xx


Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful New Year. I'm very happy to have 'found' you.. sorry I missed your birthday and I'm so glad you had a great day! Gx :O)


Happy New Year to you. Wishing you a fantastic 2008, may all your threads weave into a wonderful fabric.
I love this thread "Embrace JOY--live with a joyful heart!". This is one of the things that I intend to do this year. Great List you have there.

Wild Rose

Happy New Year Tracy!

To read your list is like seeing my own thoughts and aspirations on paper. I wrote down my hopes and dreams for the New Year at the front of my 2008 journal. I like to be able to look back and see how far I have travelled towards achieving my dreams.

Wishing you and your family very best wishes for 2008.

Marie x

Yolanda Elizabet

Dear Tracy, a very happy and healthy 2008 for you and yours. I hope this will be an even more creative year than the last one was for you!

Happy creating and blogging in 2008!!!


Happy New Year

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