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May 29, 2008



Yes, join Charlie and relax. Just looking at his sweet face has put me in a better mood already!


I really hope taking a break from crafting will lessen your pains. I’m sorry to hear about the dropping sales in your etsy-shop.
Supply and demand.. the most difficult issue when you run a shop or business. In my design business I can only start designing when a client grants me an order. I can design items for fun, but I will never be sure if they will sell. I don’t think having real business cards will raise the etsy-sales.
In the one year I’m blogging, etsy-shops have multiplied and unfortunately lots of not so talented people sell their stuff too. I’m sometimes amazed to see the offer in etsy-shops. I’m sure their is a market for your sophisticated designs and jewelry. Maybe you should broaden your horizon. But... expanding your business (beyond etsy) means even more time crafting and a lot more pressure. Children’s stuff usually sell very well... maybe something to think about?
When I look at myself, I bought more in etsy-shops when I first started blogging. Now that I’ve learned to make things myself, I only buy what I really love and/or to support the etsy-shop owner.
Good luck taking decisions my friend!
Hugs and love!


If your body is telling you to take it easy by giving you pain, then listen to it. The working through the pain really does not help at all.
Lovely earrings and Charlie is a cutie.
Have a good day.


If your body is telling you to take it easy by giving you pain, then listen to it. The working through the pain really does not help at all.
Lovely earrings and Charlie is a cutie.
Have a good day.


Businesses are tough, thats for sure. I wish I could help you with marketing idea's but since you are all online, I am not sure what to suggest. However, perhaps you can look into some local shops that might display and sell your goodies?

Charlie has a good idea... masking in the sun!


Anna S.

Hei, hei from the other side of the Oslofjord, Tracy!! We have well arrived and enjoy the gorgeous weather... To your etsy shop... you *know* I'll be buying more! If I am letting some opportunities pass, it's only that some colors just don't suit me well, like blue or very pale shades. I am sure it might be more a problem of suiting everyone's tastes and likings... and then, don't all businesses have ups and downs... Please don't get discouraged by the current slump, your work is gorgeous and the quality of the products you offer awesome. The bag I bought from you is a true gem and the attention put into details amazing! :) Oh, and you've tempted me into not one, but several items from Lillyella today... my credit card said screeeeeeeeeek!! :) Have a lovely week-end and please, take some time for yourself, looks like your body tells you to slow down - right now!.... :)

Lemon Tree Tami

Take care of your aches and feel better soon! I have to say that I've only ordered a couple things from etsy. I much preferred the seller who included a greeting card as her extra. It had a picture of her expensive art on it. (She may also have included a business card as well.) What I liked is that it didn't take extra room in the package and it was something that anyone could use. :-)


Congrats on reaching your one year mark! This July will be two years for me. I can hardly believe I've been doing this that long.

I think things are slow for everyone. I've been lucky and made a sale and have a custom order, but I usually just sell my pattern and no actual slippers so I'm excited to see a pair finally go. Hope things pick up for you soon because your shop and you yourself are just beautiful!


Beautiful earrings! Beautiful! I love the kitty photo, too. I hope your body feels better very soon.


Rosie's Whimsy

Charlie looks so sweet soaking up the sun. Sounds like you need to let the sunshine on those achy shoulders and back.

The tablet looks like one my son uses for video game designs. It always seemed like magic to me :-)

((hugs)) Rosie


Hi Tracy, what a long post and nice reading it anyway. Hope the pain goes away and you'll feel much better. I understand how it feels when sale is down but dont give up your dream. congrats too on your anniversary, and look forward to your give away (maybe I finally get lucky this time). Looking forward to your new post and photos, theme too. Just do whatever makes you happy. Come visit the silk making process, I think you'll like it and I will send a batik fabric for you, do whatever you like with it, and I am sure you'll churn something up with those creative juice flowing. Have a splendid weekend and big HUG to you :)


I'm no stranger to pain as you know Tracy, but I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing it as well. I do hope that it goes off soon and that you are able to soon be back to doing what you love most. I am not sure what advice to give you regarding your shop. I have not been all that successful with mine I suppose, although I did have a few kind souls (such as yourself) buy a few prints. It could be the uncertain financial times we are living in today. OH, Charlie is soo sweet! He looks just like he is smiling there! I would so love to cuddle him. Thanks for sharing him with us once again. Your digital tablet looks very interesting. Can't wait to see what you create with it! XXOO


I hope that some rest and relaxation helps you to feel better soon Tracy, take care of yourself. I love the things in your shop, and would love to see you have more success, but it is hard work, and I hope it continues to be rewarding for you, and not become a drain on you. love the photo ideas.


Hello Tracy, hope you're feeling a little better and are enjoying your crafting break. It does us good some times to take a break, not just for our physical well being, but just to relax and rethink. Hope you're finding some sunshine


Listening to your body is always the best place to start ... but being creative is so good for us, I'm pleased to know you won't be leaving it altogether.

I'm sure the shop will pick up again ... peaks and troughs are the nature of life aren't they?

Take care. x

becky k.

It is so good that you can "outlet" some of your questions and concerns by writing. That helps to process and let the stress out.

Your items are just so unique and fresh. So pretty! I do believe the economy is squeezing our extra spending money right into the gas tanks.

My advice...hang in there. Do as much as you love, no more!

I wouldn't spend the money on professionally printed business cards unless you have your items in a boutique.

Your talent and originality will get you through this slow time.

Becky K.


Hi Tracy,

Take care of yourself and enjoy your time away from normal activities ~ get outside and enjoy that sunshine.


Marie x


Enjoy your crafty break and congrats on one year of online shop success :)

Elizabeth schmid

charlie looks blissed out in the sun.
Seems like you need a little down time - take you cue from him.
The earrings are such a quiet peaceful blue.
Wishing you a relaxing week end - a little lie in the sun perhaps?

carol eldridge

Dear Tracy-

Thanks for stopping by...please do not get discouraged..we are in bad economic times right now and even people who have plenty of money are keeping it close...gas prices have skyrocketed and so has food here in the US. I think everyone is just being careful with their money and it is by no means a reflection on your work...PLEASE know that...I am an expert on marketing and have done very well with my design business because of it..but even I have had a slow down in my Art Licensing now given the retail market slump here. I am also doing Art Licensing Consulting to help other artists learn the basics and how to develop marketing strategies that will help them.
I would suggest you use this time to market market market yourself...newletters, e mail blasts, cards, ads what ever it takes so that when things do start to move again...and they will..you will already have you info out there and they will know who you are and what you have to sell...creative minds need to be especially creative in this economy.
On a lighter note, I bet Norway is gorgeous at this time of year, we still love talking about our trip last Sept to Norway and all that we did and all that we saw...just loved it!

take care,



Hi sweetie, lots of relaxing and yoga for you, me thinks! Sorry your shop is going through a rocky patch, I think it's just a sign of the times..hopefully things will pick up very soon, you are hugely talented and clever and obviously many others agree with me, given your successful sales so far. Keep your chin up, and give Charlie a scratch behind the ears from me.x


Hi Tracy,
I'm sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope you can relax your shoulders more and breathe when you are making your beautiful creations for your shop.
I like your idea for your day to day journaling on your blog. It sounds interesting.
Your earrings and necklace are both gorgeous. I favorited them on my etsy.
Thank you for visiting my blog and making such a sweet comment.
(((Hugs))) coming right back atcha!!!


Hi sweetie, I have been having difficulty posting comments here and almost couldn't even see your site today (May 19th post kept coming up, oddly). I'm glad you are listening to your body and taking the time to rest. You are ever full of creative ideas.


Your Lavinia earrings are lovely! You are a very talented chic chick :)

Have a lovely weekend, Tracy...




Tracy look at that Charlie getting his ~sunkisses~ purzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Tracy I am sure that many businesses are not doing well with the American dollar dropping.
Falling house prices, gas prices and food prices on the increase...I am sure many of your U.S.A. customers are feeling the crunch!
Folks I am sure are not spending like they have in the past.
We are off to Europe this summer for a month and so happy that our Canadian dollar is stronger...have a wonderful weekend

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