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January 03, 2009



I, too, love the classics Tracy. You know how big my library is and thankfully it's not just filled with cookbooks. I just finished a novel yesterday and was going through my books before bed last night trying to decide what I am going to read next. I decided upon a novel called Beauty, which I have already read a couple of times, but I love. I am going to try quite simply as I try to do each year, to build a better me! Sending lots of love your way and hoping for a chat this weekend as well! XXOO


As I probably told before, I’m not much of a reader, being too restless to sit quietly. I do love classical music though, so I’m curious to read about your new discoveries and adventures!
I hope 2009 will have lots in store for you, your sweet man and your sweet cat Charlie !!

I made one resolution for 2009... not to make any resolutions! LOL!

I will take one day at a time and see how life unfolds this year! I hope 2009 does not fly by like 2008 did...



Oh, Tracy! LOVE this post. Yes, I'd love to read along with you. I'll listen too, but our library is severely limited music wise. They say that it's not the books you read that say the most about you, it's the books you re-read.


I have books everywhere too. I've resolved not to buy any new ones until the unread ones have been read! Take care. x

Rosie's Whimsy

I have left my love of reading behind of late. I am sure it has something to do with my migraines... but I do so love it. I enjoy all types of literature but especially those authors that succeed in taking me in from my reality into some one else's. It's always a thrill to be so immersed in the story that it is like living in a alternate reality! HA!


Good morning, Tracy,
You've read 90 out of 100! That's impressive! Me and hubby love classics too. When our children were babies we tried to instill classical sounds to them by playing classical musics all the time...sadly, it hasn't worked, yet. ;)

Happy reading my friend!


Happy classic reading Tracy. May I join you? Which one will you start with?

I have started a kind of music section in my Blue Café food blog. With each post/recipe I include a classic cd, and I tell why I play it :-) Come take a look.

I might write about some classic books tomorrow, may be we should start something together here .-)


Very cool! I love the classics. I took A-P English my senior year of high school and I tested out of a bunch of English lit/english comp classes for college because of it, which stalled my learning of English, however, I felt so inspired by the depth of the classics...I've been writing poetry since I was 4, but that year and several years thereafter I was determined to be a writer. I still am, just not so dreamy...I really should get to work on that dream, huh!? Well, thanks for the trip down memory lane, LOL! Enjoy your classic novels and I look forward to what you have to say about them! :) Thanks for being such a good bloggy friend, Tracy! Sure love ya! Give Charlie a scritchy scratch under his chin and behind his ears and tell TJ hi from me.


Hi Tracy!

Happy 2009 to you and your husband and may the new year be full of joys and blessings.

I love your book shelves and reading nook --so bright and cheerful!
I am very much like you in that I was a voracious reader in my late teens and early 20's and read most of the classics then. I'm sure I'd appreciate some of them much more now with my more "mature" views of life, so I think your plan to re-visit some classics sounds like a nice goal. Since my grandson has been named Leo I have been contemplating re-reading some of the Leo Tolstoy classics I enjoyed in my youth. I have "Anna Karenina" at my bedside, in fact!

My husband and I attend 5 operas a year at the NYC Met, and we have been adding all new operas the past few year branching out from our favorite Italian composers to French and German composers. We have been pleasantly surprised how much we've enjoyed all of the new productions! There is such an abundance of beautiful music in the world that it does make the long winter evenings something to look forward to, doesn't it?

Hugs, Pat


That is a wonderful goal that you have set for yourself! I think I have about 10 books sitting on my shelf to read and I don't think I'll get to many of them until the summer. I do my best reading when I'm not in school. I look forward to see what you will be reading.

I didn't make a new year's resolution. I just want to enjoy each day to its fullest and be the best me I can be!!

take care,


Happy New Year Tracy.

When I feel like being adventurious with books I buy an anthology and if I like an author there I will look in to getting a whole book by them. I am reading Mythspring at the moment with Canadian authors and have found 3 so far! I think that is a record. When I get into an author I try to read their works in the order of composition or in the order that makes best sense if they are of the same characters.

I have a theory that books are breeding in the corners of this house LOL

Good luck with the classical composers. I love Bach best I think- very logical when you listen.


Happy New Year, Tracy! Great ideas for new year adventures. I don't have any real resoltions this year - more to just carry on with some of the habits I started last year, and to make the most of the last months I'll have before both children are at school.


My classic post is up, with a link to yours.


Thanks for stopping by, Tracy!

While I was working at Borders, I resolved to read the classics every summer. That never worked out very well, though! Good luck with your resolution - I hope to pick up some suggestions along the way.

Hmmm...I wonder if I could do a post on Pennsylvanian artisans living abroad... ;)


Such an interesting post!
Yes, the classics never let one down. They didn't get to be classics for nothing!
I'm so glad we in blogland share our passions with like-minded people.
I have discovered a wonderful publisher in England called PERSEPHONE books (you can google them) they issue mostly 20th century women writers - some small classics of wonderful writing.
You should send for their wonderful catalogue.
Happy reading and happy everything, dear Tracy


What a wonderful plan. I, too, read most of the classics when I was younger, and I would love to revisit them.

Happy New Year.


Hello my dear friend Tracy. Your 2009 reading and music goals are impressive. I too read so many classics as a young woman but I was only exposed to classical music later in my life. My niece is a classical music piano artist. She is amazing and she used to play semi-professionally, but now with children of her own, she teaches. I do have a pretty complete library of the classics and I keep telling myself I will read them all, some again and some I haven't read. It would be a daunting task to say the least. You just have to start, one book at a time.

Best wishes in the New Year and with your plans to improve your knowledge. I think it is lovely that your dh will be involved too. He is a keeper for sure. smile.

Hugs, Jeanne

Mr Puffy

In case my attempts to post from the beach failed (dial-up woes) - here's a big Happy Birthday to you!!!

I'm continually impressed with how literate knitters/bloggers are in general ~ and you are certainly no exception. P&P is one of my all time favorite books.

It occurs to me you might enjoy Wolf Winter (not a classic ~ but it's set in Norway). Add it to next year's reading list!

sheila jones

Hello Tracy, so much to catch up on in your blog as I have not been around for a while. What lovely thoughts about books and music. I have been pondering the book question just this weekend and will post my thoughts in a day or two. Happy New Year!


No resolutions at Willow's Cottage, just hopes and goals. Read from my own book shelves. I'm reading a book for an author friend and will be doing a book review when I finish. I think this year that I'll let my reading go where it wills. Last year's focus on history didn't work out so well.


How interesting and Happy Belated Birthday. I have read most of Pride and Prejudice, and find that it is a little hard to follow. So I prefer the BBC/PBS remakes. I will definitly check out the BBC music thing. Happy New Year and enjoy your upcoming adventures.


Looks like you'll have a good year of reading. I have P&P on my TBR list for this year also :) I read Persuasion last year and loved it.


Hi,Tracy,welcome back,and thanks for your lovely letter and comments! Sorry for not catching up earlier,we still have computerproblems...
I'm a reader,but I've not read many of the classics, it's more Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, Anne Cath.Vestly and J.K. Rowling...so Im really impressed with your list! It will be fun to follow,and it's always nice to get suggestions for new books to read!
Take care:-)


Mr Darcy and Elizabeth! Good first choice. I'm SO inspired reading your post. I am planning on discussing this with hubby when he comes home! What fun. I love love love the classics... in music and literature. I just may have to join you. Happy New Year!

tea time and roses

Hello Tracy!

There are few things as wonderful as curling up with a good book! I love to read, especially poetry, short stories and books that empower!:o) Looks like you will have a year of wonderful reading. I myself have no real resolutions for this new year, but like you I plan to take on a few new things and continue with my present ventures!:o) I will be posting a giveaway sometime today, a little something special before surgery. When possible drop by!:o) Wishing you a beautiful week!



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