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April 25, 2009



Tracy this is such a wonderful project! I would love to be take part but i have no talent in writting poems. :( But i do love your project! :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


Not sure I'd be able to write one but I'll love reading them I know! Fantastic idea Tracy!


I think we have 20 people interested already.
Now I have to practice writing.
Some people are a bit anxious that the won't be able to do it 'right' but I think the fun is in trying.
Happy weekend. Hugs.


hello Tracy,
it's so funny. i was just thinking about you the other day and that i haven't visited your blog for a while and promised myself on the spot that i'd do so tout suite (sp?)... adn then there you were commenting on my blog...so i hopped on over here immediately and had a looky at all the new stuff you got going...i saw the bracelets you posted about a few days ago...how funny that i made those wristlets for my boys...how in synch are we??? ;)

let me have a thinky regarding the haiku fun fest in may. ov'e got alot going on right now...we are migrating soon to australia...but i do love poetry...

have a lovely weekend.


Such a fun idea! Although I'm no poet. I'll have to check with Mr Puffy and see how he feels about it :) Either way it will be lots of fun to see all the poetry!


Good luck to both of you with the haiku festival. I don't think I'll participate, but I will follow your posts.


I'm tempted... Okay, I'll do it too! I should be fine on the haiku part, just finding the appropriate photo might be a challenge!


Clever idea. My husband just entered a writing contest on a book agent's blog. The task: Write a microfiction in 140 characters or less(that's twitter's limit) using the word banana. Was very funny.


I'd love to do this! Sounds like fun :).

Btw, your bags are so lovely!


What a wonderful idea! I’m very good at making rhymes for our Sinterklaasfeest, but I know nothing about writing Haiku.


What a great opportunity to show another side of our creative natures.


Sounds like FUN to me! I often write haiku & other poetry on each of my blogs ... just because ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


My ten year old grandson just shared his haiku verses with me. He said it is his favorite form of poetry.

Thank you so much for always stopping by, and for your prayers for my mother. Hopefully, things will continue to ease.


What a lovely idea. I would love to participate but I am going away, for a break, somewhere warm so I won't be anywhere near a computer. I will enjoy reading everyones poems when I get back. Hope you had a lovely weekend Tracy. I am off on vacation this Friday and I can't wait. Hugs.


Good eveing, Tracy.... that sounds like a nice idea, I'd have think what to write, and find out some time to play. I miss visiting all my special blogging friends, like you, so much! Not having access to bloggin during the week-days makes me sad, but I'll do my best.... is so nice to see you again...

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day, sweet Tracy!




Hi Tracy, I just left a comment on your sewing post. I do know this type of poetry but I am interested. I am going to Google it and we'll see. I'll let you know soon. It does sounf like fun.

Take care and hugs to you...Jeanne


What a nice idea to write Haiku poetry. I will see what I can do!
The blue bags are dreamy!


Tracy, thanks for hosting such a lovely event. I'm going to participate.


Hello there! This sounds like fun. I teach 7 and 8 year olds and we write Haiku about Spring! The childen love playing with the syllables to make their poems and enjoy the history of the Japanese poetry form. They are much better at it than me, but hey.....I'll join in! SMILE.


I would like to have a try at writing Haiku again-I have not done so since school! Would love to join in thanks!


How excellent! I can only do Haiku in Japanese... is that OK? If so I would be so excited to participate! :D I will contact your friend.
BTW your bags and wrist bands are so cute! Looks like you had a lot of fun making them. :D
How is your little Charlie? We had a feline visitor the other day but unfortunately Kumo and Wata were scared of him...:D
Hope you are having a good week!


Oh my gosh, Tracy! I LOVE haiku! I used to write them often in college as part of my curriculum. I'd love to join in! =)

hazel designs

Tracy, what a great idea! I'd love to participate :)


What a lovely idea. I like the serenity in the rhythm of traditional haiku poems, the way the words are pared down and the imagery and message sharpened to it's simpliest form.


It is a great idea and I've dithered long enough, put me down as a participant please.

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