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May 11, 2009



Hello Tracy, I had a last-ditch effort (a hasty first try). I didn't know of Haiku and just read quickly about it this afternoon. I will write a few more of these and yes, I'd like to see it as an annual event. Thankyou. LBx



The picture and haiku are so in balance! Lovely Tracy! And wonderful to see so many participating! I still don’t understand the 5-7-5... LOL! Maybe I should try to write a haiku in Dutch!


Yes, to the idea of an annual event.

You may me long to live by the sea! I love the way you have combined words and picture.

Elizabeth Wix

So lovely, Tracy!
The beach is always a place to reflect and renew ourselves.
To me writing little poems is a great mental exercise...
helps us keep centered and observant.
This is such fun!
I will try to visit lots of people during the day.
I wrote my haiku while eating supper last night. I think my husband thought I was a little distracted!


Just beautiful Tracy!! Such powerful words and aperfect image to accompany them.


Haven't quite tried haiku myself though I used to make poems with names. I like the one you've penned and will be looking forward to read more! I will read the works of these talented ladies as often as I can too. Have a great week Tracy!


I enjoyed your haiku very much! Yes, I think you should make this a yearly event. And judging by all the participants here and over at Elizabeth's blog I'm thinking many will think the same way. Thanks for organising this :)


A beautiful Haiku Tracy. I was right there with you! Glad you had a nice weekend. I was on the telephone most of late yesterday afternoon, first with my mom and then with my son, so I didn't get onto MSN at all. Perhaps tommorrow? I send you oodles of love and lots of hugs! To Charlie and TJ too! XXOO


Great haiku and wonderful photo, Tracy!


Beautifully composed, Tracy! I love poems written about the sea! =) Thank you for hosting this even today!

Golden West

Very nicely done, Tracy, both the haiku and the photograph.


This is beautiful! I love it. There is something so easy about the sea, part of my heart remains there.


I wish I'd found this festival sooner. I would have signed up. Maybe next time!

I'll just enjoy reading everyone else's Haiku this time. Have a great time at the festival everyone! :)


This is lovely, Tracy! The beach is so inspiring, and I think you've captured a wonderful emotion. So glad to "meet" you! :-)


Beautiful image and Haiku. Thank you and Elizabeth for this lovely project!!



Hi Tracy, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely and encouraging comment about my attempt at Haiku.

Your poem for the Haiku Festival is absolutely lovely - the rhythm first of the lap, lapping and then the waves lifting and forming the song of the sea...I can see and hear it so clearly. Wonderful image, too.

Gallery Juana

I really like how you married the haiku with the image. Beautiful words to get my imaginaton going.

Thanks for hosting this festival and the links! An annual or even monthly event would be great.


I like it! I caught the calming sense in the cadence and words.

I love the sea, too.

How about a quarterly event?

Have a happy week, prepping!


Simply beautiful.


Your haiku takes me right to that place... thank you so to you and Elizabeth for creating this beautiful experience!


Hi Tracy!

I love your haiku ...and the way you made it part of the photo! Wonderful!

It was fun writing mine while on my way home from Colorado. It kept my mind off being sad I was leaving and flying alone in thunderstorms all the way home!

Hope we can do this again next year!

Hugs, Pat

ellen b

Very cool Tracy. The photo and the Haiku go together so beautifully...


What a beautiful, flowing Haiku......such amazing images conjured up . Thank you so much for hosting this event. It would be great to do it again!


I love your Haiku Tracy! I feel like that when I am by the sea too but could not have expressed it so beautifully. The photo is the perfect illustration of your words.
I never normally try to write poetry and really enjoyed it so I too will try to keep it up. THanks for your lovely comment too-I really wanted to illustrate what I had written-that was fun too.
I am very late at the festival-you are my first visit-a long day at work and then I have just been out to gather a carful of the perfect twigs and branches for something I am doing at school!
Looking forward to seeing everyone's poems.
Sarah :)


Your haiku is sensory. I can hear the waves, Tracy and I think I know what you mean by echo. They are the rhythm of life.

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