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May 04, 2009



You had a happy weekend! The Japanese maples will be lovely all year long. Did you purchase the calla lilies too?


Those pictures are wonderful Tracy. So much weekend goodness. Charlie catching the sunlight and all those flowers. I love the blossom. Happy week to you too!!


Tracy, what wonderful pictures of little Charlie!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! I was so happy to see him! and so happy to see that he is making full use of his little patch of sunlight! What a lovely garden centre you have there. I love, Love, LOVE the elephant. Can you just imagine it walking amongst the hedges here at Oak Cottage? I can! Perhaps with some honeysuckle meandering across it's back. I hope that we will have a chance to chat soon! My boss gets home tommorrow, so I may not have my usual Tuesday evening free this week. sigh . . . all good times must come to an end I guess . . . Anyways, I hope we can catch each other at some point! It won't be long now before you are off on your America trip!! Love you loads and loads and loads!! XXOO


Seeing Charlie relaxing made me smile, and smile! Such beautiful scenery all around Tracy. Those flowers too! They make this season so cheery and bright. I hope you'll have a great week too!


Lovely photos, especially your sleepy cat!

becky k.

Great photography!

You will love those maples!
So lacy and pretty!


Tracy, im so happy you had a good weekend! I love those photos and Charlie made me smile too! Those flowers are gorgeous and i really like Japanese red maples...happy you have them in your garden! Have a wonderful week ahead!

p/s: loving Charlie's hello kitty blankie! hehe


Good Lord - what a large elephant! Lovely photos Tracy - thanks for sharing. Have a good week. x


What's an elephant doing out there? It looks so out of context in Norway! How come they don't carve ice bergs and put those out on display?

Golden West

What a great group of photographs! I am an avid gardener, as well. Your growing season must be somewhat curtailed in Norway, being to far north. Thanks for taking us along!


A lovely collection of photographs. Your weekend must have been so lovely, I just hope Charlie didn't find it all too strenuous.


sounds like a lovely weekend! Those Japanese red maples will look so pretty!
Charlie looks so content to nap in the sun! :)


Beautiful photos, Tracy. I love garden supply shops. Your Charlie "suncatcher" made me smile.

Elizabeth Wix

Have to love that Charlie.
What a lovely cuddly tummy!


You know, I was totally unprepared for that first photo of Charlie! Had in my mind one of those dream catcher things... :-D


Lovely trip to the market! Japanese Red Maples are such gorgeous trees ~ they don't do too well here in So Cal but we had several in the Mid-west. They seem to handle the cold winters well.

Charlie ~ a sun catcher ~ too cute :)


Wonderful pictures! All those flowers are awfully tempting, but I love the trees you selected. They are beautiful & I've been admiring them here. :)


What big teeth you have, Charlie! He's adorable which ever pose he chooses!!
Love all the flowers, maple trees, shoreline and elephant! Happy week to you!!


I always say it is good to be YOUR cat!


Isn't it amazing just how much rest our cats need?! I love your photos Tracy, it sounds like a great weekend to me. Take care


Tracy, thank you SOO much for sharing pics of Charlie! I really needed to see something like that to make me smile! It's just so relaxing to see a cat curled up like that. I guess I needed my Charlie fix!LOL!

Those are all such beautiful pictures. The elephant would look divine in any garden. A really nice and different 'architectural' element. And you can't go wrong with Japanese maples. I would LOVE to have some in my garden, but sadly, we have no more room left for any trees.....or even plants!
Hope you have a wonderful week! (HUGS)


Charlie is so adorable! He looks alot like my daughter's cats who are both ginger and white :-)He looks like he is enjoying the Spring sunshine!


Beautiful, beautiful photos, Tracy. I cannot resist kitty and flower pictures. And I adore Charlie's Miss Kitty bed fabric! No wonder he looks so cozy!!


Hi Tracy!

Charlie is one adorable cat!

I see Spring has sprung in Norway ...everything looks so pretty!

I had so much fun visiiting with my son, D-I-L and grand baby in Colorado! The week went by so fast. The baby is so sweet and happy ...I miss him already!

Hugs, Pat


How nice that spring has reached you. I love trips to the garden shops and always succumb to temptation.

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