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June 26, 2009



Hi Tracy! Amazingly, this is actually the first time I'm trying out for any giveaway. I never want anything bad enough to "fight" with the crowd...till now! As you know, I have ventured into quilting & I would simply love to win your Charm Square Pack because they are the perfect shade of Pink!!!
Happy Summer!


Morning Tracy, wow how generous of you. As you know I am a fabric junkie. LOL Congratulations on blogging for 3 years! I sometimes wonder what I did with my spare spare time before I started to blog. Wonderful achievement hun.


congrats on your 3 years! but don't enter me in the draw, we're moving and I'm supposed to be reducing my stash... xox


WOW!! What wonderful treats, dear Tracy. Please, please, please include me on this great giveaway!! I loved the fabric starch, so pretty!
Lots of love and hugs. x


I would love to win one of these.
Have a great weekend.

Lots of love
Anne x


Hi Tracy,

What a pretty collection and such a generous giveaway ~ I've always been a ribbon girl myself, so I would love a chance to win that pretty collection.


Marie x


Congratulations on blogging for 3 whole years, Tracy! You are amazing! I remember entering last years stash giveaway!!! Has it really been one whole year that I have had the privilege of being your friend!?! Really!?! WOW!

Well, I would LOVE love LoVe to win Stash Parcel #2! Just think what I could do with that and some tatting and CQ! Woo Hoo! Oh, what a fabulous prize to win! :)


How generous, Tracy and congrats on 3 years of blogging!


OOhh Tracy! all so lovely. part of what i love about all of your creations is their softness and feminity. makes me feel wonderfully girly!


Wow, Tracy, I didn't realize it has been 3 years! Congratulations! You are always so fun and so gracious here at Pink Purl. And generous.

Of course, you know which littlt giftie I'd love best :)


Congratulations, Tracy. You are a bright light in our days.

Yolanda Elizabet

Tracy my dear, have you been blogging for 3 years already? Amazing! Congrats on a blogging job well done. ;-)

BTW I noticed that you're reading The Age of Innocence, a great read. I've read it trice, I think.

Have a great weekend!


What fun! Happy bloggiversary!

I'd be delighted to win the ribbons or the charm square pack! I'm crossing my toes! (I'd cross my fingers but it's too difficult to type then and it really slows me down!)


Congratulations on your great anniversaries! Time sure does fly!

I think you just knew I would be here drooling over that yarn, so you can enter me in for that lovely gift. I'm crossing my fingers!


I would love a chance to win fabric parcel #1, but I must say they are all lovely! Thank you for your generous spiriy!


A wonderful giveaway. Hope to win one of the parcels. A wonderful summere night in Norway today. Some stitching out on the porch.


I'd like to enter please!


Wow - three years of blogging - amazing! Best wishes - I always enjoy reading what you have been up to - lots of inspiration in your wonderful blog.

Beth Leintz

Three years blogging- that's great- and what a fantastic giveaway-lots of inspiration in every stash- count me in!


You ROCK! All that stuff looks like fun! 3 years that's awsome! I hope there are many more.


What a wonderful giveaway Tracy!! I love the fabrics!! Congrats on three years of blogging!! I think I must have found you not too long after you started perhaps? I don't know for sure, but I treasure our friendship very much! I hope that we can catch each other for a chat this weekend! Would be so wonderful! love and huggles!


Hi Tracy! A big congrats on three years of blogging! And congrats on your two year old Etsy shop. It's still only a baby and it has taken off so well! A fantastic accomplishment!

That's a very generous giveway, but sadly I'm not the least bit crafty so all of those lovely supplies would be wasted on me should I win. May I please enter into the draw for the Fabric Stash & should I be lucky enough to win could you pass it along to my friend Xue (who left the first comment here)? Xue is a sweetie and very talented so she would make great use of it :) xo


Three years blogging and still plenty to say, thats what I like to hear. Congratulations and thanks for a lovely give away.


Congrats Tracy - three years is a real achievement!

This is a remarkably generous giveaway - it all looks scrumptious and I'd love to be entered in your draw - thank you!


I would love to win your stash parcel #1. I remember the first time I found your blog was because I was drawn to the name, Pink Purl. I love the "pinkness" of your blog, and especially your fabric creations. You've inspired me to quilt...not that I've actually gotten started with it, BUT you have inspired me:)

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