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June 17, 2009



Hey Tracey the blankets are lovely! It's not a worry - the deadline isn't till July! They just opened the new project on the 14th once all the dolls were in. I am knitting a hat and hopefully making a blanket! Thanks for posting about it!


wonderful Tracy, i am off to follow your links.
warmest wishes to you,
ginny xx

Becky K.

It makes me wish I sewed. You have done a beautiful thing. Knowing that two babies will be kept warm and feel safe is great.

Thank you for using your talents in this way.


I read about this project just today too. It's a wonderful idea.

ellen b

Beautiful work Tracy both the finished product and the cause...


Awww...sweet! I want my blankie!!!!


It's very kind of you Tracy, both are beautiful and I am sure whoever receive it will be delighted. Much love..........M


I'll go over and look at the site. I have left over yarns... I'm sure I can't make next week's deadline because I'm house/kittie sitting for a friend and don't have access to my stash. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Tracy those blankies are sooo cute! Your sooo beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing links with us...im off to check it out too! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to yoU!


Tracy what beautiful blankets you have made!! I am not surprised. Everything that you make is done with impeccable taste! Love you much my sweet friend! Hope we can chat soon! XXOO


Your warm heart and love for all shines through everything you do, Tracy! It was nice to follow the link to Spoonful of Sugar as I lived in Perth for a long time... I'll go back and visit her a little later today and leave a comment! Thanks for the link my friend. Happy Days and hugs to you, Vxx


What adorable blankies you've made! This is a most wonderful idea. I love it when people are inspired to do things to help others less fortunate. If I could sew I'd help out! That's lovely of you Tracy and the kiddies who receive these blankets will be so happy! Snuggly warm and happy :)


Lovely blankets Tracy, you are very generous. Your post is a good reminder that we can use our crafting skills to make and give things to those less fortunate and there are opportunities to do so where ever we live. Thank you.


Wow Tracy - you didn't waste any time! Love your sweet blankets - and for such a wonderful and worthwhile cause:)

Judi A.

You have such a sweet and sensitive heart. :-)


What a wonderful effort. Tracy, you have such a kind and loving heart.

Your flowers are looking glorious.


Hi Tracy!
This is wonderful. I love the idea. I saw the banner before but never knew exactly what they did. You are so wonderful to contribute. There is so much I can learn from. I am currently revamping my site. I am hoping to incorporate a lot more charity elements to it. :D Thank you so much for introducing the Craft Hope!

Golden West

My mom knits faithfully every evening, making baby caps for the local hospital's newborns. Your blankets are darling, Tracy and created with a loving spirit.


Hi Tracy, hope you are well after the big trip and settling in. I am quite certain Charlie was extatic to see you. The blankets are so beautiful and look so soft and cozy. I am positive some little baby will be all cuddled up in them soon. I am still at mom and dad's on Vancouver Island. I must say I am looking forward to getting home. Life is a bit busy with work etc. but starting in July I am working four days a week. I can't wait. Hugs.


This is a beautiful idea! I'm gonna head on over and check it out.


Hi Tracy, I read about craft hope, but I’m not into making dolls. Blankets however can be easily made. I love the ones you made!


They're beautiful blankets. You're giving your best and I'm sure that will be appreciated.


Lovely idea Tracy and very beautiful blankets you have sent. I am glad they will be there in plenty of time.

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