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October 26, 2009



Hi Tracy, beautifully written. Just this morning I was thinking of starting my yoga classes with Emilea who is 12, we both needed it. It's been ages since I practiced with my yoga mat hung up collecting dusts! Hey that toe looks super fine to me..congrats for posting that picture..for I wont post mine hehe!! This is a blissful and serene post, hope you are having a good week start ...and be gentle to your body :P

Bumpkin Bears

You really are an inspiration Tracy xx


Great thoughts Tracy. I'm sorry you're in so much discomfort, but I'm sure the yoga helps. Some weeks my knees allow me comfortably to get into pigeon or half lotus, and other weeks it is very sore, but I move on and try to remember to be kind to my joints - and hope next time will be a comfortable time!


I'm also aching in places that I never used to think of!
On a lighter note, I wouldn't be putting up any pic of my foot in my blog - yours sure look very neat & well-taken care of :) !
Happy Monday!


I feel better just reading this! hugs.


Thank-you for this bit of love and joy you are spreading!...You have put a smile on my face to start a Monday morning and that is always good:)...I need to take up yoga...Hope you feel better...


Tracy this is such a beautiful post & something that I needed to read today strangely, or not so strangely as I do believe in fate & a higher power.
Over the last few days I have been 'making friends' with my Reiki again after a long time being abandoned. I have been clearing my chakras over the last few days, which was well over due & today I am actively trying to rid myself of negativity (metal, emotional etc.) & surrounding negativity which I feel has really got on top of me.
Thank you again for one of your inspirational posts & I really hope that your pain isn't too much for you but I do love the idea of loving your pain & trying to take some of the power away from it.
Lots of love


Lovely thoughts, Tracy! I agree...love and joy begin with me. Sometimes when I am super down I have to ask God to grant them to me if I am feeling incredibly empty and He has a lovely way of comforting me.


I think I needed to hear that today Tracy. I had bad back problems last week and all I could think about was how far behind I was getting. I'm not sure I could love the pain but I do know I need to start being a friend to myself.

Lemony Renee'

Thank you, Tracy. I have been dealing with immensely painful emotional issues in my life and you have really given me an alternative in how to treat it. I bid you peace.


Yoga is kind to the body and you have learned how to turn your pain in to a kind of comfort. With that mindset your ailment will heal and you will appreciate that you took care of yourself. You have a gift of sharing so well what you are experiencing!
Happy week...healing week!!


This was so beautifully written Tracy! It is so true that sometimes by "embracing" the pain mentally, we can release endorphins to help us deal better with it.
I have not fully practiced yoga since I tore my both knees meniscus, but I still do some poses that have been helpful for my back and shoulders.

I hope your hip feels better soon! Perhaps using a different chair may help, or taking more frequent breaks? I find I have to do that to keep myself limber.

Hugs, Pat


Lovely post Tracy. I know a few people who use meditation practices for pain. It seems to work! xx

Anne Donald

I've had an ongoing problem with pain in the right hand side of my jaw. Having got nowhere with doctor and dentist, I tried acupunctue, which didn't help, then I tried hypnotherapy. After a session with a retired doctor, which I found helpful, I bought a CD. I listened to it every night when I went to bed (using headphones so that I didn't disturb Malcolm) and using the visualisation techniques, learned to cope better with the pain, and was so relaxed that my sleep improved, which was a very great help. Fortunately I finally have medication which has things under control, but I would certainly use the CD again.


You are wise, Tracy. Whenever I feel sad over my friend's passing, i instantly take my mind back to all the wonderful memories we had. The love we shared makes the tears bearable.


Thanks for the inspiration Tracy! My yoga has slipped right off the mat (pardon the pun!) and I really need to get back to it to get my tendonitis under control. What a wonderful way to work through your pain by loving it!


Sorry to hear you have been suffering, pain can be so very debilitating, hard to find any love for it at all. Yoga is for me a mental as well as a physical cure, a gentle time for myself. You are sending out such good thoughts Tracy, I'm sure only good will come back to you. Be well.


Dear tracy, thank you for sharing with us your Nirvana...you are truely an inspiration! I adore this reminder and claming post! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you! *hugz*


I love that Charlie's toys made an appearance. It really is the little things!


Sorry to hear of your discomfort! With respect to tendonitis (in my arms), I have found the following Alexander technique helpful

While lying on my side with a bolster supporting my upper leg, I place both my arms in front of me and, keeping my upper arm as straight as possible, I raise it above my head in a semi-circle so that I form a twist with my arms in the shape of the letter "t" and then return my upper arm to its home with the other arm.

Hope you feel better soon!


Tracy, your post was a real gift to read tonight. I hurt my back a few weeks ago and have been in a lot of pain, which I was having a hard time balancing with responsibilities to my family and friends. Today was the first day I felt almost like myself again, and then a person I know did something that was deeply painful to me mentally and emotionally, and I have been a bit of a wreck all afternoon and evening. Your post helped me breathe and calm my nerves. Thank you so much, my friend.

I admire your strength and your abilities. I hope you are well.

xoxo Gigi


what an inspiring post Tracy.. your love shines out to all of us who visit here. wishing you lots of love and a release from pain.


A very beautifully written and inspiring post Tracy! Just what I needed to read right now! I must take up yoga. I've tried it before and it didn't really do anything for me (the fact that I spent the entire time giggling at the back of the class probably didn't help ;)

I don't think your feet are ugly btw :D

Golden West

Hi Tracy,

I agree totally - happiness is a choice!


Thank you for sharing this. Dealing with constant pain or discomfort can get downright depressing, I think. I'm so sorry to hear that you suffer like you do, but what a great goal to just try to view it in a different light. Keep up with your positive attitude and keep enjoying your moments of nirvana. :)

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