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October 23, 2009



This looks yummy and easy!...I'm printing it out and will plan on making it this week...Perfect for autumn:) Thank You!


I love making this cake Tracy. I got the recipe on a Norwegian blog a couple of years ago. It is so simple to make too. Are you going to go to the theater to see Julie & Julia? I never go to theaters but also cannot wait to see it. I am going to have to wait until the DVD is out. There are few movies I ever want to see but this is definitely one of them. I just posted about the results from the hospital on my blog so if you have time stop by to read it. I am sending you an email but will not repeat all that in it. :-)

Hugs ~

tea time and roses

Hello Dear Tracy,

The apple cake looks delicious.:o) You my friend share some of the most wonderful recipes. I would love to sit down to a slice of that beautiful cake, a cup of tea and a fabulous book. Oh my I must do that sometimes soon.:o)

You are so right about it being a perfect autumn recipe. Think I will try this during the Christmas holidays. Thank you so much for sharing it. You and your Dear Husband enjoy a lovely weekend.




yummy! this cake looks grand.
i will have to look into these books. they sound like lovely reads.


Mmmmm! Now that looks so very good. I think I need to make a trip to my favorite bakery...I know....I should make my own cake, but my house is full of dust right now and I rarely bake dessert so my favorite bakery will have to do. Hope you are doing well. It has been snowing quite a bit here and it is just too early. The trees still have their leaves and now they are all frozen and everything looks kind of icky. Fall lasted about one week and it was over. We went from +25 Celcius to -10 Celcius in a matter of a week...kind of sade really :) I keep thinking about Christmas rather than Halloween.


Dear Tracy, Apple Cake is also one my favorite cake and it's also my fiance's too! Thanks for sharing the receipe with us! It lookkssss sooo delicious and yummie! I would LOVE to try to make this. I hope you're having a good weekend and love to you!


Fabulous cake Tracy! It looks so good! I love Ruth's books! I shall be on the lookout for the new one for sure! I hope to be able to chat later on, but am doubtful as there is a new baby just arrived up at the big house and I am required to cook supper tonight. I might get lucky and not have to do so, but I just wanted to warn you just in case! Love and hugs sweet friend. To Charlie and TJ too!! xxoo


That looks delicious as well as well presented.


This sounds delicious Tracy ~ especially with ice cream!

Marie x


Thanks I'm a food {whore} lover!!! Lol
Thank you for the recipe :)

I'm sooo making this one!!! xoxo


Hello Tracy, thank you for your visit. I am slow to visit these days because of company almost every day this month and football weekends in Fl. We have season tickets for the Florida Gator games and it leaves me little time for visiting. sigh.

Your apple cake looks delicious. I love anything with apples. I love carrot cake too.
You will LOVE Julie and Julia. It is a totally entertaining movie. My hubby liked it too.

I can't wait to see your painting and wallpapering projects. I am trying to paint the great room but it is slow with all the company we are having. One day...

Have a wonderful week Tracy and do n't work too hard.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne


i love apple cake and will certainly try this one as I have a bushel of apples at hand! hope your weekend was enjoyable Tracy!


I'm popping over from Anali's. Thanks for the recipe!


Oooh this looks so good!


Did I ever tell you that I finally made that apple crisp? It was good, but not great. I am still looking for a recipe that is great. I love Ruth Reichl's books and have devoured them all. I am just delighted to learn that she has a new one out.


This looks awfully yummy. Always looking for good recipes and experiencing some of your culture.

Thanks for sharing.


Yummy! This cake sounds simple and delicious:) thanks for sharing his nice recipe! I will try to make it this w-end.


oh it looks so delicious!!!
im so sorry for your continued pain...but smiling to hear about your moment of everday nirvana, how lovely!!!

kindest wishes


oh! oh! oh! I have been looking for a good apple recipe. I will try this this weekend. Thank you.

My favorite of her books is Garlic and Sapphires (I think that's the title - it's the one where she writes about being a critic and her disguises - I just love it).


That looks SO yummy Tracy!! :) must give this recipe a try sometime.

Brook Sellers

Tracy, I have been ill all week, thought flu, but it is lactose intolerant. In short now no milk products. I was feeling what to eat??? Thank You Thank You, the cake looks fabulous, and no milk, you made my day. Love the black jewelry ,always enjoy my visit with you. I also have another blog,
Posies Pearls and Palette,when you visit Red Chair I am on the side bar. See You Soon, via blog Brook


Done! But mine turned out darker looking than yours. I can't figure out why but it seemed to take forever for the batter to bake! It was easily over 35 minutes. Perhaps my oven is on the decline too? Hold on, oven, hold on until June!

Even though it was darker, it was well appreciated! I agree that a side-dish of ice cream or other would accompany it perfectly!

Jean Nelson

Just to let you know I have tried your cake with every success. thank you
I will keep your page on my favourites in the computer I have already seen Julia and read the book, very good, I ended up donating the book to the local charity shop before I left U.K,. it is good to share.

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