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November 20, 2009



We love, love, love Thai Green Curry & cook it quite often. We eat it with Coconut Rice (just sub water with coconut milk & cook over low/medium fire, stir occasionally). The house will smell heavenly!


Your soup looks delicious. I do love Thai food - but oh, all that coconut milk!


Hi dear Tracy,
I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hope you have a great weekend ahead. Here is so windy and rainy, some places having severe flooding problems that makes the weekend a bit gloomy, plus Hubby will be working so it will be basicly only me and Joey most of the time.
Anyway, your recipe looks lovely! I bet you and TJ had a great time enjoying it.
Lots of love and hugs,


I want to try that. It looks wonderful. Where do you find tamarind puree? Is it in the spice aisle?

Lisa Q

you have such a way with that camera Tracy! The soup looks and sounds amazing. Glad your feeling better! Have a wonderful weekend!

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The Thai Curry soup is a super delicious and
tempting recipe and it simply have an excellent combination with rice.


Hi Tracy. I am now back to blogging. Hope you can come by for a visit sometime.
I am going to make your soup recipe tonight. It will go perfect with the Thai Chicken I am making for sisters birthday dinner.
Thanks for the recipe and have a wonderful weekend.


That soup looks AMAZING! I've never made a soup with coconut milk but I loved a carrot soup I had while visiting friends and was surprised when told that it too had coconut milk in it.


Oh that looks sooo good Tracy. I do love Thai Green currys although vegetable for me with being vegetarian but your soup looks delicious!
Have a lovely weekend


Good morning pretty Tracy! Yes, November is for soups and cozying up by a warm fire, and so many more wonderful things to be thankful for... your soup looks delicious, and I bet it taste delicious too. Funny how we both seem to be in the same page, as last night I also felt for some warm yummy soup, only mine was just the simple chicken soup... I took some pics with the thought of posting about it too... ;)

Is always a pleasure stopping by your sweet cozy home, dear Tracy... may you and yours be blessed.




This soup looks like perfection, Tracy! I love cooking with curry, so this is definitely one I'll try. Thanks for sharing it, my friend, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo Gigi

ellen b

Oh my Tracy! This soup looks exotic and good. I'm glad Anne was able to send you that ingredient :0)


If you weren't already feeling better that soup would definitely fix you, its a work of art, almost too good to eat. Have a lovely weekend.

Melanie Willows

That looks so delish. I love Thai green curry so a soup is perfect. Thanks for sharing.


Hi my sweet girl,
I just showed your Daddy your soup and he said it is making his mouth water. What a beautiful looking soup. How very talented you are. Hurry, hurry home!
Love you dearly, Momma


I have been in the mood for soup, soup, and more soup myself! and ramen noodles of course. :) also saw your previous post on a glorious cup of tea. weather here is finally fit for tea in the evening. a bowl of soup. a cup of tea and a book. life is good.

Golden West


That soup (and the photograph) look like they're straight out of a gourmet coooking magazine - well done!


Delicious looking soup Tracy! Have to pass on this one though because of an allergy to Shrimp. Todd would love it though! I have had a very rough week with Miss Nibs. HOpe we can chat on Sunday. I love you loads and loads sweet friend. Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. XXOO

PS - Need some ideas about something I could get for TJ!!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

I'm so very glad to hear that you are feeling stronger and that you have a relaxing and fun weekend planned!

This soup looks both tasty and soulful!

Looking forward to your Thanksgiving blogging!


that looks so good, tracy! would love to taste that right now, spooned over some hot jasmine rice.


Glad you are feeling better Tracy ~ nothing like a nice hot bowl of homemade soup. Thanks for the recipe ~ looks yummy.

tea time and roses

Hello Dear Tracy!

Oh my does this look yummy! As I have said before, I love soup and this one looks absolutely amazing with all the goodness I love.:o)

My sister's dear husband is from Trinidad Tobago and he introduced us to some wonderful dishes made with curry powder and paste, delicious! When visiting his homeland he brings back curry from Tobago and shares it with the family!

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely recipe. Not only does it look wonderful, it is beautiful! Enjoy a lovely weekend.




I am so enjoying your recipes...another yummy choice.


A beautiful soup! Thanks for the recipe and directions!
Have a good weekend.
Will you be cooking a turkey next week?


Looks delicious Tracy! Glad you are feeling better! Have a lovely Sunday!

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