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November 27, 2009



What a lovely recipe, dear Tracy. It really would be a treat during the winter with hot drinks.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


ooh i love biscotti, but have never made my own. thanks for this.

Bumpkin Bears

yummmy, the hot chocolate makes me want to go and make one too! Glad to see your Sale going so well. I'm having a Sale this weekend too and just put up photos of my new mini bear on my Blog. HUGS, Catherine xx


Hi Tracy!
Happy thanksgiving to you :D
My goodness, the biscotti looks absolutely amazing. Wesley loves pistacchio and biscotti so it's a great combo.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful recipe! Happy Foodie Friday ;)


Tracy, I'll be right over. I love biscotti, and this looks delicious. Maybe I will give this recipe a try. Thank you for sharing.

I am on "Project Decorating" now. I want to be finished when I return to work Monday. I love it all.

Golden West

Your recipes really are outstanding, Tracy. Have you ever thought about keeping a collection of them for your young niece? You could add to it every holiday and birthday (in your own artistic way) and when she's old enough to go out on her own, she'd have quite a wonderful volume...

You must be getting so excited for your trip to the States! Time is flying and it'll be here before you know it!


Perfect combination ... especially when needing a break while decorating for Christmas.


I just had a fun hour catching up with your month of November...and I really enjoyed your Foodie Fridays!...I just bought a container of Trader Joe's Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti this week and I have been really enjoying the sweet and tangy contrast...so how excited was I to see a recipe for it here this morning? Very! Thanks!

Ragna Shollenberger

Thank you, Tracy, for handing us such a wonderful recipe. I LOVE Biscottis and I enjoy the moment of calm and peace as I savor the delicious treat.
This will be my first try at making them myself.
Love you, Ragna

sheila jones

Wow, these look so professional Tracy. Thank you for sharing all your recipes these past Fridays. Indeed thank you for all you share. I hope your sale is going well and that there are new dreams for the future too.


I'm thinking of including a couple of biscotti recipes in this year's cookie bake -- yours looks and sounds really yummy -- thanks!

Margaret Lozano

I love making biscotti - I'll have to try it with the cranberry and pistachio (what a great combinatin). Thank, Tracy!


I too love biscotto but I've never baked it myself. I think I sense a Christmas baking session...


Can't wait to try this.


Hello biscotti! Thank you for the inspiration--I'm so making this this weekend!


This does look very tasty and festive! Thanks for sharing another of your fabbo recipes. I'll miss your Foodie Friday posts but will enjoy whatever you replace them with until you revisit the theme again :)

Have a wonderful weekend Tracy!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

I love your foodie writings and photography!


Goodness that looks tasty. Hope your holiday sales brings you much success!


My mouth is watering now as I'm typing this in the wee hours of the morning. I love this recipe! Cranberries and pistachio nuts are my favourites, I can munch on them non-stop :) Thanks so much for sharing about the sunshine project here on PP and showing the blog love too. ((hugs))


Oh Tracy thank you for posting the ricipe. I will give it as chirstmas gifts.


Wow I wish I could grab one of your biscotti! The recipe sounds scrumptious :)

Lisa Q

I love biscotti...but I've never made it before. If you're sure it's not tempermental, I'll give it a go, as soon as I get some pistachios. Thanks Tracy! Merry Merry to you!

Lisa's Chaos

That looks SO yummy!!! :) I love biscotti!


I make these too, though I cannot remember where the recipe came from. (Cooking Light, perhaps?) They are seriously the best biscotti ever.


Those Biscotti look perfect Tracy!! I've never had much luck with Biscotti myself! I may have to give yours a try! I am sorry for having been such a bad reader and writer this past couple of weeks! It's been really difficult with the housekeeper off sick and all my duties at work. I've just had no time to relax and visit my favourite places. Hopefull things will be a bit calmer this week. Hopefully the housekeeper is back at work. I know all the guests up at the big house should have returned to their own homes, at least I hope that they have!!! The Mrs leaves on Saturday for America and that's when my Christmas season really begins in earnest! Love you loads dear friend, love you loads!! xxoo

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