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November 23, 2009



oh goody! pick me! pick me!


This will certainly be a good Thanks gift or even a Christmas gift. Wishing you a great week ahead too.

Bumpkin Bears

very pretty giveaway Tracy. I quite agree with you about Blogland :) I just finished a Bear, he's on my Blog now trying to brighten up this rainy day! Off to see what you got up to with your Baking. Hugs, Catherine x


What an exquisite giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance!

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving celebration. I thank you for your blog inspiration too! xx


Hi Tracy,

What a beautiful giveaway ~ thank you for inviting me to participate.

Have a good week.

Marie x


What a nice sentimental thing to do Tracy! The gift set is beautiful. Love your taste.


Hi Tracy
Thank you so much for your lovely message.
I was just writing a 'thank you' post as you left a message.
Oohhhhh this is a truly pretty giveaway, how lovely. Please count me in sweet friend & I'm so thankful for having met you here blogging & for having you as a friend that I can share all the things that are going on in my life & have you listen & support ~ for this I am truly grateful. Thank you.
Hope you have a wonderful week.
Lots of love


Hi dear Tracy!
What a lovely giveaway!! Such beautiful lovelies!!
Have a wonderful Monday!
Lots of love and hugs, my dear friend!


What a beautiful giveaway Tracy! So delicate and beautiful, just like you! How very generous and thoughtful, but then again, that's you to a "T!" I am really hoping that we can chat or talk tomorrow! It shall be the highlight of my day! Love you loads and loads! xxoo


I am over here beaming with a smile on my face.
Your giveaway is so, so pretty.
And it is a joy to visit here also. You are part of my slow, slow. I love the calmness here.
happy day!


How kind, Tracy. P.S. I noticed Rimsky Korsikav is in your music box. Love him- "Shaharizade" is a special favorite.


What a wonderful give away!! Love the colors!
In Canada we have Thanksgiving in October, but I try to be thankful every day for everything we have!


What a wonderful giveaway and how generous of you! All of those items are just so lovely! *crossing my fingers I win* This will be my first thanksgiving/christmas in my new home so I'm excited to spend the holidays there although will not have the $ to buy all the decorations I would like.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks again!


email: ecochichandknits@yahoo.com
store: www.ecochichandknits.etsy.com

Judi A.

Beautiful choices that anyone/everyone can enjoy. :-)

Finished the purse - will send you a photo soon. :-)


Lovely gifts Tracy, they reflect your good taste and generous nature, delightful. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and week.


Tracy, that's such a generous and beautiful giveaway. I'd love to be entered - thank you!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving Tracy!

This is quite a luxurious giveaway. Such beautiful items! Count me in! ; )

Anne Donald

Lovely giveaway! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here - perhaps we should start - counting our blessings instead of complaining about what we don't have!!


What a lovely gesture, Tracy. How like you. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and thank you for sharing with all of us!


Those are so pretty, roses are one of my favourites ...


Pick me :) I hope I win it :) I love all things floral... very girly.


Hi Tracy,
Hope you had a good Weekend! Your giveaway is lovely! Giving thanks is so important.
Sarah :)


Tracy, I'm thankful for blog friends like you! You are one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know anywhere, in real life or blogland! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Love from Willow


It's so kind of you to give something away at this time of year. I don't need a thing--don't even consider me. I visit your blog just for the sheer pleasure of it! You're special!


So kind and thoughtful, Tracy! And such a beautiful pack of pretties.

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