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November 25, 2009


Melanie Willows

Morning Tracy, today's dream is getting everything wrapped and packed which needs to be posted. My longer dream is to be able to sell ideas from my own head and/or hands.


Hi dear Tracy,
I completely understand how you feel. I normally fight for my dreams as hard as I can. If in the process I feel that I am wasting energy and instead of better things are getting harder, I stop, re-think and either try another tactic or dream a new dream. The only thing I don't normally do is to give up at the first obstacle.
Anyway, I have been to your shop and bought a bracelet that I was thinking of purchasing. So pretty!
Happy sales to you and carry on dreaming!
Lots of love and hugs,


Hi there! You are going home! Yayyy...how exciting for you!! I am sure your family are so looking forward to your return! I hope you have a fantastic time! Sorry to hear about your Etsy shop but from what I can tell, most Etsy sellers cannot live from their shop alone...it's very difficult to make a living being an artist/designer - other dreams will come your way, I am sure of it - you tried and that is the most important thing :)


Dreams are forever. Your work is so incredibly beautiful. You put a lot of love in their creation and it shows.

Enjoy your upcoming vacation!

Lots of love.


dearest Tracy,
your creations are beautiful x
it is funny how our dreams and aspirations often don't turn how how we have imagined...i think a constant refreshing of our dreams is a good thing as also is being openhearted to all sorts of new possibilities.
the dream is like the seed (new possibilities)... how it grows is our journey and like the cycle of plants dreams end and new dreams take their place...
my new personal dream is to explore and develop my own creative work and ideas starting with going right back to basics with drawing, mark making, exploring texture,and experimenting with materials.
warmest wishes
ginny x


I think this is a thought that comes to all of us who run our own little businesses tracy. I find I especially feel like it in the manic run-up to Christmas, but love the thought of quiet contemplation in the New Year calm. x


I once had a small business selling ladies' lingerie and some clothing. I ended up having to shut it down (heh-not an appropriate product for that small town) and at the time was dissappointed, but relieved. It was a heavy burden at that point. Now I can see I learned a lot from the experience and it's helped fuel new and better dreams.
You've not been one to give up easily, so this will either pull through for you or be the foundation to a new dream.


Sometimes it is good to have a rethink, but never let go of your dreams. For me I seem to be having rethinks a little too frequently, but I continue to try to reach my goals. Wishing you all the best.

Lisa Q

Tracy...I understand totally...I too have had to rethink my etsy shop. Right now, it's currently empty. I've been doing my bracelets on a word of mouth basis and for now, that's working out to be all I can handle. I don't know how long you hold onto dreams, maybe until they find fruition either in their own respect or in another dream. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. Safe travels my friend. Perhaps along the way, you'll gather pieces of what the next part of your creating journey will look like.


Ooh, I'm looking forward to taking a peek at your sale. Those pearl earings are calling to me ;-) I'm sorry your dream of an online business hasn't completely materialized. But you've also entered the selling business at a difficult time in world economic terms. And perhaps your perserverance and creativity will pay off in time.

The Ordinary Vegetarian

Thanks for coming by to visit me! lovely site you have here, and on etsy too. I have my eye on a few necklaces.

My dream is to move to New York City. I am in my late twenties and I do believe there is a time limit on this dream. I believe that if I don't do it in the next 5 years I probably never will. I have a great job right now that just doesn't make sense to leave, which is the main reason I don't do it now. Who knows if this dream will ever come true, I'll try to stick to being content with all of the blessings in my life for now. Here's to dreams!


I'm so glad you will be with your family for the holidays! Lots of effort to get ready for a big trip so take care of yourself.

Dreams are important and they are what make life worth living. If your dream is to make a business from creating things, maybe you need to redefine what the market place wants. Maybe shift your style to be on trend and go more after the 20-40 year old market. Or maybe there is a nitch market for handmade baby gifts that kind of thing. It is a tough economy for everyone so keep that in mind.

Good luck and don't be discouraged!!!



Hi Tracy! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your heart and mind regarding your little business. Redefining dreams and finding new dreams can be a little unsettling at first...but sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered.

I took a couple months to decide if I wanted to continue on with school to get my degree in accounting (I just earned my certificate.) I decided to go for it because it will only take me another 9 months. Going to school at 28 was never my dream...but it is now! :) Lately, I just notice that life changes so drastically all the time that I have to be ready to change with it, otherwise I end up anxious and unhappy.

Hugs to you!


Your creations are beautiful. I think doing things like this are never easy. People do not think enough of the work and love put into handmade items. If you decide you want to pursue a new dream, it will be a wonderful new adventure for you to follow.

I have lately had a philosophy about life of 'Okay Life, what gift do you have for me today?'

Hugs ~


Best wishes for your sale. Hand made is so much more than just crafts. You put your soul and spirit into your work, it can be draining, but it can also be very satisfying. I think you have been quite successful in some ways. Your creations are beautiful and very elegant.
I have lots of dreams. I have always wanted to write, its taken me 26 years to get around to taking a course to get some training in it. I think I may be a bit of late bloomer, I've hung on for a long for this one, and its finally getting there.
Hope all is well with you.


Oh Tracy, I know EXACTLY how you feel. When is the dream going to come true? I always feel that my dream will never come true but I have nowhere to fall back onto, so I just have to keep going!! :D
I hope you will re-open your shop because you make your jewelery because you love them. It's elegant and yet fun.
I agree. This year is going far too fast. My body and brain are, on the other hand, going slower. Hope you enjoy your visit to the states. I am planning to go back to Japan after the new year. I just can't wait!!
Hope your week is going well.
lots of love



Your work is beautiful & you are having a great sale I hope you get many sales from it!

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Hey, Tracy. I've missed you during this crazy, hectic past two weeks. I wanted to tell you that I am so sorry your dreams didn't develop quite as you had planned. I know that hurts. I can only say that someone of your many talents will find the new path soon. You have so many gifts.

And, yes. I do have dreams. My problem is that they all tend to be some day dreams. I'm working on that.


Dear tracy, it's so nice to hear you are heading home on this holiday season. :) And good luck with the sales.

I also wanted to let you know that your creations are beautiful. It does take "time" for us to shape our dream{s} and during the times between the dream and the realization of that dream can sometimes be very unpleasant experience. We sometimes need to just let go and trust this process. Accepting and even embracing this space between one dream and the next, can lead to new dreams to manifest. What im trying is this approach of turning my feelings of desperation and fear as to whether it will happen, into feelings of hopeful expectation that it will happen. This slight shift brings about a sense of knowing and calm. I believe it will take alot of evolutions of creations...keep going, trying new things and fulfilling your creativity ~ i know it will all come together for all of us. :)

Have a lovely merry happy day and a wonderful thanksgiving. Love to yoU!

Ragna Shollenberger

Long time, no hear from ME!!
Sorry, Tracy for not posting lately. I have not been inspired and my lack of sleep has been an interference. Doing a little better now and decided to write you a few words while the turkey is baking in the oven. I like to do it the day before, more time to relax that way on the Thanks and Giving Day.
Sending you all my love and my sincere greetings,


Keep your dream Tracy. Its bound to take a long time for people to realise that handmade is so much more beautiful and turn away from the mass produced stuff that fills our high streets. Think of all those great artists who took years to be recognised, your works has great value and you have achieved much already.


Hi Tracy,

I know how hard you have worked to make your business a success and it is a huge disappointment for you when your beautiful creations remain unsold.

I wish you every success in whatever direction you choose to follow in the future.

I've shared some of my dreams with you, but at the moment, I don't feel able to make them public by posting about them on your blog.

Marie x


Hi Tracy! I’ve tried to leave a comment on your give-away post, but I receive a long long page with warnings... Never seen anything like this before.

So I wanted to say that I’m thankful for having met you. It’s a pleasure to read your elegant and thoughtful posts.


New possibilities will always have new excitements too. I am also looking into new possibilities. All the best to you. I wish for goodness in all areas of your life.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Tracy, Good luck with your sale and I hope you have an inspiring and safe trip to America!

In reading all these comments, it's really wonderful to see how much support and ideas everyone is sending you!

All I can possibly add, is that I too can relate to how you feel, and that sometimes, when a business becomes "real", it's easy to lose touch with the original dream, one's passion, and instead get lost in the various aspects, sales, promotions, packaging etcetera. It's always good to go back to basics, take stock and check in that one still actually is working towards a dream. Sometimes we need to redefine that dream, sometimes our dreams evolve, other times simply remind ourselves of what it is.

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