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November 02, 2009



Tracy, I am always interested in seeing what you are reading, classic or not! I didn't get on to chat yesterday. Was having a bit of a blue day and then I got myself totally caught up in finishing my doll. I couldn't put her down until she was completely done! I know you know all about that sort of thing!!! Perhaps tomorrow? Let me know! Love you loads my sweet friend. I am missing you too!! xxoo

Anne Donald

I would be happy to read your book reviews - and yes, not just classics. I am re-reading a Jeffrey Deaver at the moment - I love his twisted plots! As for music, at the moment I am listening to some country CDs that I bought on holiday - I have never really gotten into classical music!


I enjoy your reviews very much. I do jot the titles in my ever expanding books to read list. I seem to be rather unfocussed for reading, and recently I have been listening to John Dowland's music performed by different artists.

Elizabeth Wix

Reading enriches our lives so much.
Mt Texan friend Beth who lives in England is a great reader and often writes about books. She is alsoa docent at the JANE AUSTEN HOUSE.
How about that for a cool job!
I think you two would love each other's blogs.
She is at


Love and all best wishes


We're lucky to have documents like this that make history come alive. I love your book recommendations. Yes, please do continue them in the new year. For music, I'm listening to Low. For books, a bio on Georgia O'Keefe. Just finished Anne Tyler's "Back When We Were Grouwnups." She's fabulous.


I really enjoy reading your book reviews, and since I'm an English teacher I especially love reading the classical book reviews. It's nice to know other adults like the old favorites.


What a great book recommendations. After seeing the Declaration of Independance in Washington...I have been intrigued with that time in American history. I love stuff like this, and will definately look for it.

Right now Julian and I are listening to tons of opera....lots of the tenors but primarily the surviving Andrea Bocelli, as we just picked up tickets to see him in December. Can't wait. He does sound like an angel.

Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvdX5Ht3U9w&feature=related

Love to you have the best day!!! Off to find the book .xo.

Lemony Renee'

Tracy -- What a beautiful blog you have. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and have been inspired to run, not walk, to get my own copy of this book. Thank you for that and for the wonderfully caring and sensitive email you so kindly sent. I believe I have stumbled upon quite a little treasure here in your blog.

ellen b

Hello Tracy! Happy November to you. I'm getting ready for a long stay in the Seattle area all the way through to Jan. 3rd. Yikes. I leave on the 14th of November. Sounds like a very interesting book about the Adams'
I just picked up a book from the Friends of the Library called The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester. It's written about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary...I don't know if I'll be able to get into it till next year.
Have a lovely week...


Hi Tracy

I will put this book on my Amazon wish list as it sounds fabulous! As you know I have an interest in the Revolutionary War and Early America. I just finished an interesting biography of George Washington..I seem to be bumping into him a lot these days where ever I go...lol... so I believe he wants me to blog about him someday ...and I will :-)
Please do continuing your book reviews! I do enjoy them.
I attended a choral competition at Carnegie Hall last week so I have been listening to some beautiful choral music by Bach since then.
Have a good week!

Hugs, Pat


How interesting! I recently watched an HBO film/production about John Adams' life and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Currently reading....a naughty romance novel!


Your words paint such a tantalizing picture of Abigail and John Adams! I must take a closer look..when time allows! Thanks!
This is a busy time of year..full of promise for the holidays. I've just been listening to Rachmaninoff: piano concertos nos. 2 & 3. He has left us with such beauty in music! My Ipod is charging so I can download the full set of concertos! :)
Happy week to you!!

Lisa Q

Thanks Tracy! This is going on my booklist. I've always had a fondness for history and historical biographies are some of my favorites. Thanks for the great review!


Hello dear Tracy, I am always delighted to read your book reviews. I put great notice on what you think about with each review you do. I may not always catch every review, but when I do I think you do a wonderful job. Please continue.

Thank you for your sweet comments always. You are always so sweet and faithful to visit. I am trying to improve my visiting time.

Right now I am visiting our daughter for a week in Fl. It is so nice to 'be the company' for a change. This daughter and I have so much in common and I feel so at home here. Bill will be coming back on Friday for another football game and to bring me home to NC. We will pick up our puppy on the way home. Oh happy day!!!

Wishing you and your dh a wonderful week.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne


Hmmm... I've never thought of reading anything about Mr Adams. My current source of American history and current events is PBS. I wonder whether PBS has an abbreviated version?

I'm shocked that you aren't reading a classic this month? With tongue in cheek, are you slacking off?!


Dear tracy, i always enjoy your book review column and this sounds like a wonderful book filled with so many different emotions. Thanks for sharing this with us...it will be in my "books to read" list! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


I think it would be great for you to continue with your book reviews next year. And mixing it up a bit with the addition of non-classics sounds fun!

Hope you're off to a good start to the week and the days that follow will be lovely :)

Lisa's Chaos

Hey I wanted to pop over and let you know I got my jewel today. :) Thank you SO much!


Excellent review of the book, Tracy. I'm a bit backed up on my To Be Read pile, but I will add this to the list. Currently listening to a couple of PD James mysteries -- well, one after another, not simultaneously!


i so want to read this. i love their love story. my husband and i used to have a sunday book club. we only got through one book {just a small one -- the great divorce by c.s.lewis}. my husband read a biography about john adams a couple years ago. it had some of the letters in the book, and he said he really enjoyed reading them. so i think he just may like reading this with me. thanks for the recommendation/review!


Yes. I am definitely interested in your continued reviews. I love them, you know. As to what I am listening to and reading...

I just discovered Tom Waits. I know, I know. What rock have I been living under? So, he's my main man for now. And, reading? So many wonderful professional books. My current favorite is All About Authors by Katie Ray Wood.


Ohhh, I want to read this! One of my husband and I's favorite musicals is 1776, and the sweetest moments are all between him and his wife, taken from their letters to each other. :)

Melanie Willows

It sounds like a wonderful book Tracy. In these days of high divorce rates such a book showing love and partnership in action must be a good thing.


I have this book on my list to read. They were such an incredible couple, and so many are not aware of just how amazing they were.

I'm going to the reading The Shack this weekend.


So good to hear about a truly inspiring marriage

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