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November 09, 2009



Oh Tracy your home is absolutely lovely!!! I so wish that I could join you at the dinner table for one of your amazing cakes! You and your hubby have done a fantastic job with the decorating and I think you both certainly deserve a break! Feet up. Relax. And continue on in the new year. Have yourself a lovely week ahead and I look forward to popping back here for your shop updates and Foodie Friday :)

Bumpkin Bears

BEAUTIFUL Tracy, like some dreamy interior out of a homes magazine. The white paint work on the doors and trims is wonderful, gosh I wish we could do that here, we have done the trims around the ceilings and painted the grotty ceilings, but the doors and trims and interior windows are all wood, but not tooo dark!. No way we will do that I reckon. We still have half the hallway to go! I just adore all the rooms, so very pretty and fresh and you must feel so uplifted in these rooms - a wonderful inspiration :) Glad you had a nice dinner. Big Hugs, Catherine xxx


Thank you so much for sharing these lovely glimses of your home. Your home is so pretty, I just love it.
I really love your dining room it is so sweet & serene.
You & hubby deserve a break after all the hard work over the last few weeks.
Hope you all had a wonderful time at the weekend.
Sending you lots of love


what a job you and your husband have done..goodbye wallpaper...hello special rooms!! I see my seat right there at the table ...

relish the touches of blue!!


What a lovely house, it looks so nice. I love the turquoise touches, and the photo of the roses, delightful. By the way everyone enjoyed the spice cake. Keep those recipes coming. Have a great week!

Melanie Willows

I love the pale elegance of your home. So restful on the eye. Thank you so much for sharing. Glad you had a lovely weekend.


Your home is very beautiful - which is not a surprise :-) I think your dining room is really very lovely.


Your home looks so welcoming and inviting! I love the use of white teamed with the blue. Enjoy your renovating break Tracy.

Honey Mommy

I wish my home was that gorgeous! But with two busy boys I have a feeling it wouldn't stay pretty for long!

Lemony Renee'

What a cool, crisp, yet warm and relaxing home. I'm not surprised. ;)


That view into the dining room form the living room is just perfect, Tracy! What a graceful and charming home you have. My husband and I always live in old places, too. They are a lot of work, but you just can't beat the character and craftsmanship. You two are doing such a beautiful job with your home! xoxo


Wow, Tracy. Like something out of a magazine. I like the summery shades you've added to the living room. Plus, it complements Charlie very nicely ;-)

ellen b

Oh I do love that dining room too. The whole house is so fresh. Have a good week Tracy!

Becky K.

How lovely!

I love peeking into my blog friends homes. The personalities and beauty so often shine through.
You have done a lovely transformation here, I am sure. Love that graceful archway leading into the dining room.

Becky K.


What a gorgeous home you have! I love your simple and elegant furnishings. I've never visited Norway but Steve has told me that the homes and restaurants are all pristine and airy. Your home is exactly what I would have envisioned :) Thank you for sharing with us!


Oh my, Tracy. Your presentation is exquisite. Seems like such a beautiful, relaxing space. I bet there are many joys to be had in the years to come around that table.

so lovely.



Hi Tracy!
Your home looks so cheerful and bright! With the long winter in Norway it must make all the difference to have a house that i full of light and has touches of bright colors like the turquoise pillows and throws in your sitting area. I have a lot of dark wood furniture and it can be dreary on grey winter days.
It's nice that you have a little break now and time to craft and get ready for the holidays that will be here soon! I know you are looking forward to seeing your niece as we are looking forward to seeing our grandson. The little ones make the holidays special!
Hugs, Pat


Hei Tracy :O)

Så koselig det er hjemme hos dere!! Skjønner hvorfor Charlie trives så godt!!!
Å pusse opp et hus kan for bli et evighetsprosjekt, men det virker som dere ha en fornuftig tilnærming :O) Litt ad gangen og pauser i mellom.

Lillefrøken er mye bedre nå. Tamiflu må være en skikkelig hestekur, og jeg vil ikke vite hva den inneholder hahahahahaha ;O) Hun er så godt som symptomfri nå, emn har likevel tre dager til med karantenetid før hun kan gå på skolen igjen :O)

Ble fornøyd med skjerfet :O) hadde neste lyst til å beholde det selv. Få heller strikke ett til ;O)

Ha en rikitg god uke dere tre!!

klem, Yvonne


That's such a pretty neutral you've chosen for the walls. Looks like sunshine. Plus you've got lots of lighting. I bet it's a space that feels right. Thanks for the tour.


Thanks for inviting me to your table Tracy! It must be such a special feeling to live in a 100 year old home. We have only lived in new builds and they miss soul. I hope I leave a little of my soul in each house we have ever lived in. It was fun to see inside your pretty house.

Hugs ~


Your home is so beautiful!!! It's so clean and fresh looking. I'd love to sit around that table with you. I love the roses that you photographed. What a lovely setting.

take care,

Lisa Q

oh your home is just wonderful...very crisp and yet warm at the same time. Just how I pictured it! I love all the simple lines you have going on. That table cloth is beautiful and I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with family! Have a great week!


What a beautiful home, Tracy! I love your white interiors! And of course the blues certainly appeal to me, too.


Lovely home! Charlie must love it there too! It looks so cozy!

I'm testing your apple cake recipe this week! It'll be interesting to discover whether there are differences between Canadian & Norwegian ingredients! (American flour is heavier than Canadian for example so I have to scale back some American recipes!)


oh, you home is so cool, calm and collected. I love the splash of colour on the couch and the lovely roses. I am sure decorating/renovating makes one feel more connected to their home.

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