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November 29, 2009


alaine hall

Much happiness to you both! Our candle is burning too. xa


We'll light our first candle this evening at dinnertime.


Tracy ~ We will be joining you in lighting a candle today.

Marie x


We will be doing the same tonight. Relax and ejoy your break!

Golden West

The most wonderful time of the year!


Happy Advent. I think we may begin this tradition here at home, too. We do it at church, but this will be nice.


Lovely, Tracy! By this time of the year we are ready to slow down and take in the moments!!


Relax...a break is good, and first light is beautiful!!

You are wonderful to be taking part in Se'Lah's "Gift of Thanks Giveaway"!! xo


Lovely first light.

Thinking of you.

Melanie Willows

Love your photo. After a busy day here it is so good to just breath for a while, quieten my body and ever buzzing head of ideas and just relax. Candles are so good for that.

Thank you dear Tracy. I'm so glad that your sale has gone so well. I've been thinkign about it a lot.

Lisa's Chaos

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Happy Advent, Tracy. What a beautiful way to begin the season.

xoxo Gigi


Dear tracy, i adore this photo of lighting one candle and the poem is lovely! Makes me feel comfy and cozy inside. :) Relax and just taking the moment to enjoy ourselves is one thing we need to always do...thanks for the reminder! Hope you're having a lovely weekend and love to you!


I hope you enjoyed your belated Thanksgiving, we had a big spaghetti night together last night, that's the wizard's favorite.

Such a pretty little candle display.


I have always loved your Advent posts Tracy. Very serene and calming. Christmas doesn't have to be rushed and a whirlwind of activity. Thanks for helping us to slow down and take in the truth of what it should be. ((((hugs)))) xxoo

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Just stopping by, in the middle of a crazy week to wish you a happy advent! Love the poem too!

Lisa Q

beautiful. thanks...


I love this time of year! And what an adorable little bird next to the candle :)

packing supplies

We all should light the candles for peace and harmony,happiness ,joy ,pleasure and love.The candle is a beautiful symbol of love and togetherness.

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