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December 16, 2009



OH I do love me some Charlie!! I just adore him, he's so saucy and sweet! I would love to just cuddle him, but somehow I don't think he would stand for it!! Love you all! xxoo

Melanie Willows

Have a wonderful family time Tracy. Love to the cuddly Charlie

Bumpkin Bears

hello my Bonnie Prince Charlie :) You know that trip means extra fuss and cuddles when they come back, so you sleep and stay in the warm, just like Phoebe and Ollie are doing right now, also wondering about all the sparkly lights! Hugs, Catherine xx


Relax away Charlie, you are looking good. Please tell your Mommy and Daddy to have a safe trip and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Ohhh Charlie boy, I wish I could come over to give you a cuddle! I know you will miss your mommy and daddy, but I’m sure you will be taken care of!!

Midas sends a purrrrr to you!


Darling little boy! Tell mommy and daddy I will see them soon!

Becky K.

That's the idea Charlie...a soft blanket and a long nap!


Charlie dear. You are such good soul and thank you for keeping us posted when your Mommy cannot. I suspect that she is going to miss you while she is on that trip... but look at you, so comfy and secure. Sweet dreams.

ellen b

Charlie Boy it looks like you've got it made! All of us humans could use a nap about now in the midst of our preparations. :0)


Hello Charlie nice to hear your 'voice'.
Pass on my safe trip wishes to your mum
and dad won't you, between your naps that is ;)
luv kat x


Enjoy your trip, Tracy. Glad Charlie's taking it so well ;)


oh charlie is adorable.


Hello Charlie!

It sounds like you are a contented kitty. Enjoy those long naps. Even if your mommy and daddy go away, you'll be well cared for in the food, water and snuggles departments, I'm sure.

Say hi to your mom for me!


Charlie, you have the finest paws I have ever seen. You are such a snuggle puss and I bet you get plenty of attention while your family are away.

The Ordinary Vegetarian

Ohh, I heart Charlie! I have a feeling that your Charlie and my Arnie would be two orange peas in a pod!


Soft thick cat paws. Is there anything cuter??


Thanks for letting us know what's going on Charlie! You enjoy your nap now :)


Oh Tracey, Charlie Boy is so adorable. Give him a lovely long stroke from me please. Ros


I don't really like cats - but Charlie is quite cute - and very intelligent!!

Ragna Shollenberger

It's so nice hearing from you, Charlie Boy!
You are one spoiled kitty, I would love to have everything you have!!
Say "HI" to mama.....


HI Charlie! THat was a PURRRRRfect post! You are very much loved and I wish I lived a little closer because I would catsit for your Mom and Dad! We would have lots of fun because I would bring a catnip mouse and some toys for you! Scratches and pets where you love them best (behind your ears and under your chin?).
Aunty TattingChic


Charlie is really adorable. Have a great trip Tracy.


Hi Charlie

You are one sweet, lucky cat! I do believ you are smiling for your photo :-)

Hi Tracy!
My lovely Pink Purl products arrived today from your ETSY shop! I am thrilled with each one and I know the ones I gift them to will be thrilled also. Thank you for your wonderful talent and service.`

I hope you are having a wonderful time in the States! Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 to you and your family!!
Hugs, Pat

S. Etole

That looks like a very loved kitty cat. Wonderful travels.


Thanks for the update on your Mom and Dad, Charlie Boy. Don't work too hard!

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