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December 14, 2009



Such a sweet home.
Hope you had a lovely time at the Christmas market.


You know Tracy, I always told my husband one day I would love to live in a place with lots of land, a simple cottage house like that. We lived in a double storey terrace with a little land around. I'd like to get away from town life..though I doubt if husband can get used to non city life :)


That is right down my alley! It is so cute, I might have been tempted to knock on their door to ask them to sell it to me!


we currently live in a two bedroom apartment that is a tight squeeze for the four of us. someday, i want a big roomy house with a large garden and a patio to sit in and enjoy the day.

Becky K.

I'm headed over to see more.
Becky K.

Melanie Willows

Oh yes yes yes! The courtyard is so charming too with the well in the centre. I can just imagine closing the upper shutters for the Winter and inside being so cosy. I will have to share the not so secret jigsaw son will give me for Christmas. I want to live in it!


Hi dear Tracy,

Such a sweet home indeed! I am definitely going to check your other blog for more loveliness like that. :)
Happy week, my dear friend!
Lots of love and hugs,


A little dream house!

Golden West

I can totally see you in the doorway of a little cottage like that, mixing bowl of cookie dough in your hands and Charlie-boy at your feet, watching your flowers bend in the breeze of a Norwegian summer - while your husband paints the fence!


How charming! I'd move in in a heartbeat! =) Sounds like you had an enchanting time!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

What a cosy and charming home! The pump in the middle of the yard... and that window upstairs with shutters!

ellen b

Very nice. I love that upper window and the vines growing on the walls...


What a charming little home!! Many of us share the same feeling for the cottage life!! The thought of walking on the wharf and having Christmas all around is charming too!!

Lisa Q

what a quaint little home..I love the inviting benches with blankets and pillows on the patio, so inviting. I love envisioning myself living in other people's homes..but there's no place like my home sweet home.


I'm so far away, yet right there! Keep spying for me, okay?

Bumpkin Bears

Gorgeous, it really does look so cosy and with those blankets on the chairs! Love cottages. Hugs, Catherine xx


oh I thought it was yours...i love the windows and cobblestones!


I want to move in!!! I love the cozy look.


It is a charming abode! Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your walk :)

tea time and roses

On Tracy it is beautiful! I love it!! Enjoy a lovely week my friend.




Hello Sweet Pearl Tracy.
It's been a while since I came for a visit.
Love your pink cupcakes BTW and all your lovely posts.
Wishing you a Happy Blue Monday and Happy Holidays...
Love Claudie


Oh, yeah. I'd move across an ocean to live there. Even if I didn't speak the language. Just think, we could be neighbors.


A beautiful and charming cottage.


What a beautiful house...it looks cozy and welcoming. I could just imagine what the inside is like!


It's so perfect! I'm ready for tea at that table!

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