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December 08, 2009



hello Tracy. It is so frustrating not being able to share everyone's gifts, but we are all in the same boat I think, worried about who may see! I do love those hat and scarf sets though, and as for the cakes...yum x

Bumpkin Bears

yummmmy treats :) I am so glad you had a lovely time. Those hats and scarves are amazing, you are so clever. I love the fabric and the trims are so pretty, what lucky girls to have such a special Auntie :)
Will chat soon, it's chaos here since I got back, a big bear is calling for my attention! Hugs, Catherine x


I love the felted hat and scarf sets Tracy! So clever!! They will love it.

I also love the princess cupcakes, but I better don’t bake or eat them...

Good luck with the giftmaking!


pretty, yummy cupcakes! so dreamy indeed! love the berets too!


Mmmmm those cupcakes look delicious & so pretty.
Aaahhh those little hat & scarf sets are just adorable, just perfect.
Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Lovely projects! Both the gifts and the cupcakes! And your photography is fantastic!


Hi Tracy,

Delicious cupcakes ~ what a treat! I love those pretty hat and scarf sets too.

Marie x


What a sweet aunt you are, the princesses must have been very pleased with the cupcakes. The hat and scarf sets are lovely. These gifts and special family events make forever memories.


Dear tracy, your cupcakes looks soo yummie!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! :) And i really adore felted hat and scarf sets...the two princesses will be so delighted! Really gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Tracy, I am sure the girls will love the hats and scarves!! I have that book, but haven't been able to get to any sewing from it yet! I have all her books actually. They're all quite sweet. Speaking of sweet, those cupcakes look fabulous!! How pink and pretty! Love them! I sent a package off to you and TJ yesterday. I hope you get it before you leave for the holidays! I love you much dear friend. My boss leaves tomorrow, so I will be extra busy until she is gone. I hope we will have the chance for a chat or phone call before you have to go away. Love and hugs, always! xxoo


Pretty, pretty! I can imagine pink cupcakes were a hit with little girls. I love the hats. Just the tiniest bit nostalgic.


Good morning Tracy. Today marks the day I am done with Christmas, football, decorating, dinner parties, etc,etc. Whew, I am relieved to finally have some time on my computer. Having a new puppy sent me to bed early each night because she couldn't wait very long for going out to potty. (Sleep interrupted) My evenings usually put aside for visiting my blogging friends just didn't happen. I have missed you.

The cupcakes are so sweet and after reading the recipe, it is no wonder. The hat and scarves are beautiful. They will make two little girls very happy. When do you leave for the US?

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

The Ordinary Vegetarian

Aww I love your nieces names, they do sound like proper princess names if I do say so myself. And those cupcakes are certainly princess-worthy!


I can almost taste those cupcakes. I'm glad you shared the recipe. And you're a great auntie -- those gifts look wonderful.


Love the gifts and those cupcakes look so yummy!!!!


Now you are an auntie that every girl dreams of! Princess cupcakes and pretty hat & scarf sets--wow! I will definitely be making these cupcakes for my own nieces and nephews. Whenever I make them cupcakes, I have to double the batch because there are so many of them and because they all eat like little monsters, especially the youngest (and tiniest), Jillian. She's a competitive swimmer at age 6, so she can eat as many cupcakes as she wants!

Thanks for all this beautiful holiday inspiration, Tracy! xoxo Gigi


Ok, those cupcakes are too cute...you are such a lovely auntie. room for one more?

ellen b

What a fun auntie you are! The cupcakes looks great and those scarf and hat sets are just gorgeous! Beautiful job...


I have a couple of little princessess at my house who would absolutely love their old Mema to make those cupcakes for them! Thanks for the recipe and your hats and scarves are lovely! Lucky little nieces to have you as their auntie!

Lisa Q

you're such a great aunt! those cupcakes are perfect for a day of crafting and making memories. Those hats and scarves are just divine....like something out of a specialty shop. Your specialty shop!


Now I want a cupcake and a new hat & scarf set! You're such a sweet auntie. I bet your nieces will love their gifts! Have a great day!


Dear Tracy, I am awed by your creations. They are very very pretty.

Anne Donald

The cakes look yummy and the hat and scarf sets are gorgeous!! Love, Anne


Dear Tracy, saw your comment on my blog only now. Thank you very much for your support and inspiring words on my new born blog. I am new on this part of the world and so can take up all the support and motivation.
Today as the day progressed I was faced by some kind of disappointment and was in a foul mood.A moment ago I was browsing through your blog and let me tell you your creationsand the colors that you have used have really uplifted my spirit. Thank you very much and keep going. I for one will always be visiting your blog.


Just stumbled on to your blog, Tracy. Such a pleasant visit! :-)

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