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December 04, 2009



Oh, Tracy. Bach is my favorite. Hope your sale goes well and your preparations happy ones.


A Christmas craft party with family, that sounds like a lot of fun.
Have a wonderful weekend & keep warm!


Love the sound of the craft making party Tracy and your pictures on your other blog are simply beautiful. Hope your weekend is wonderful x


WHat a fun get together and a good idea. I need to do that. Have fun decorating and spreading festive cheer.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

I wish you great success with your holiday sale and hope you get to recharge and rekindle your passion for creative endeavors during your holiday break and travels!


Do have a lovely weekend with hubby and family. Your decor is precious.



Tracy you are making me feel the spirit -- I haven't done anything yet towards decorating or getting into the mood and I keep saying I need to do this. I'm feeling your excitement and a holiday crafts party with family sounds divine!!! Enjoy!

ellen b

Hi Tracy! That's nice that you celebrate early with your husband's side of the family before you fly to the states! Enjoy your preparations. I always enjoy your photography...


Hi Tracy, I got my pretty new earings two days ago and I've been wearing them to all the events. Just love them! Didn't realize they'd match my hair and eyes. Thanks too for the note on their healing properties and the pretty packaging. Hugs!


Hi Tracy!
I love the sound of Christmas crafting weekend. Wesley's BD is next week so I will be out doing something fun this weekend :D Can't wait.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anne Donald

Enjoy your weekend. I am sure you are getting excited about your trip home!! Love, Anne


Is that anaglypta wallpaper I spy on your walls? My mom has it in like 4 rooms. I actually hung more for her at the end of summer in her kitchen. Love the heart ornaments and angels!

Ragna Shollenberger

I love reading about your upcoming family events. It sounds warm and joyous. I know there is snow in your part of the world and that certainly adds to the spirit of the season.
Enjoy your days, friend.


A Christmas Craft-making party!!!! Can I come..... pleeeease :) Do share more about that!

Hope the sale goes well!


Your delight in all things beautiful is a gift to all of us! The stack of Christmas books topped off with the shiny red heart and candle is very welcoming! Have a wonderful weekend crafting with your family!


How wonderful that you and your hubby cozy up on a cold day to Bach. I'm in Miami still seeing all this art, but look forward to getting back north and snuggling up to my man and some music;-)


Whoa 70% OFF!!!! I'm SO going to check that out :) Thanks for posting this.


Awe! I love those cherubs. Happy weekend!

Paz xoxo


Craft parties are so much fun! I love your candle set up too - so beautiful.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend - Dy


Have a lovely weekend with your family, Tracy dear!


Well your weekend plans sounded very busy but at the same time fun! I hope you had a lovely time. This time of the year is so hectic and crazy. The days just seem to be spinning into one big jumbled day that never seems to end... if that makes any kind of sense ;)


I'm thinking of you as you prepare to travel. May your journey be safe and blessed.

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