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December 06, 2009



We observe this too & last night, the children put out their boots for St Nikolaus to fill.


We too will be lighting our second advent candle today. Is the previous photo of your Christmas tree Tracy? Did you put one up this year?

We stayed home this weekend to try and put put our tree. So far we only have the tree up. DH decided to rest and that meant not a step farther. No lights or decorations. :-) I decorated the hallway. It is now a festive welcome to those who come to visit us.

Hugs and happy Sunday ~


candles add so much elegance and charm to any celebration. have a great day, tracy.


Charming, serene and inspiring as always, my friend. I experience peacefulness vicariously through your blog these days!

(((((hugs))))) and many thanks for your email... You are such a special friend, Tracy.
Happy Sunday to you and Terje! :)

Bumpkin Bears

Hi Tracy, safely back, had a wonderful trip, lovely chilly but sunny days and now back to the rain here! I'll catch up soon, Hugs, Catherine x


Nicely put. Pretty picture.

ellen b

Beautiful Tracy. Hope your day is filled with light :0)



Lisa Q

here's to hope and happiness...may your life overflow with them! blessings to you Tracy!


I have 2 lit as I visit blog friends for just a little bit today...I have missed seeing your beautiful images


That's lovely! I nearly put a very similar candle as my advent photo today!


yes, this is just beautiful!


i agree Tracy...celebrating life is a gift.

one love.


Hi Tracy,

I am joining you again this evening in lighting our second candle.

Marie x


Happy Advent, Tracy. Your candles are a beautiful symbol on a very dark and snowy night here in Maine! Big hugs to you, my friend.
xo Gigi


Beautiful, Tracy!

Melanie Willows

We had St Nick's Night on the 6th so as we had Hungarian guests we all got choc coins, and a choc santa. :-)


Beautiful. That sounds like a very good idea to me Tracy. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. One filled with many last minute Christmas rush etsy shop sales :)

sheila jones

I love candles and these two look lovely. I hope all your preparations are going well. I've just been over to the shop and bought a little something for my mother in law. Thank you Tracy for all you share through this blog and A Certain Slant of Light.


annies abode

hi tracy

long time no read - i also did not thank you properly for the lovely things from your etsy shop. i am afraid it has been and up and down year but i am now trying to stay positive. i am trying to be a better blogger friend too.

the candles are beautiful and are a lovely tradition.

take care



Hi Tracy! The craft-making party must had been very fun, where all 3 generations gather just to make things! And so glad to hear that you're heading to the US for the holidays. Enjoy all the busy-ness but don't tire yourself, okay? ((hugs))


Beautiful picture! I wish you lots of both. And have a great trip back here to the US! ; )

tea time and roses

Beautiful Dear Tracy. Enjoy a most lovely week my friend.




Beautiful photo Tracy. I thought of you today while doing yoga.


Thank you for sharing your celebration with us Tracy.


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