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February 01, 2010



I've never met more generous people than bloggers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspectives.

Anne Donald

Good morning Tracy - what a wonderful idea. Like you I wouldn't sign up to do it formally, but I will certainly try to give something/do something for someone every day (that takes me back to my childhood in the Brownies and Guides, when we did a good deed every day!) Hope you have a good week - I have lots planned, I hope I manage to do it all. Love, Anne x


That prject sounds intriguing - I shall go and have a look. Thank you for the link, and I hope today is a very happy one for you!


Good for you Tracy! That sounds like a fantastic project and I admire you for getting involved. I like to give and do as much as I can. It's not always on a daily basis though. I can feel the love in the air! Happy happy February to you & I hope the month is off to a good start so far :)

Lisa Q

giving something everyday...that sounds like a wonderful project for February! Happy February to you!

Golden West

Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give".

Some years back, a friend's Christmas wish for me was not that I would receive everything I wanted, but that I would have the means to give. That has always stuck with me.

Stay warm, Tracy! Looking forward to seeing all your new projects!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

What a beautiful project! I also love the photo with the heart! xxxx


Such a beautiful idea Tracy! I'm so glad you shared it with us...and with only 28 days in this month it almost seems too short a time to share so much love, but it is well worth doing!! xo


What a great idea....I love it! And I look forward to hearing about it. Good luck!


Tracy, that is a wonderful focus for the month of February. I couldn't have done it better than you; to give of yourself to family, friends and even strangers. Have a wonderful week!


Thank you for sharing this with us! I like the idea of a giving challenge and I already have some ideas!


What a wonderful post, Tracy, and February is the perfect month to do it in.


Love your heart and not just the beautiful one on your hand!


Tracy, you so very generously share with each of us each time you post. Your gentle heart, your beautiful spirit, your calming words. YOU are a gift to us dear friend. I you very much!! xxoo


Thank you for sharing :). What a neat project, I'm gonna head on over to check it out! Pretty heart too.


What a beautiful post, with a beautiful message, and an abundance of inspiration!


Love your little fabric heart!

Giving something every day sounds like a wonderful goal. You already give so much sharing your life, crafts and thoughts on your blog!



Yes, it is what we're here to do. It's a great project and I will be interested to see how you find the experience. Good work, Tracy!


Beautiful post, Tracy! You've reminded me to ask my friend for a kit to make chemo caps for area hospitals.

I loved your previous 'scattered' post and photo. Sounds like my week!

Stay warm up there!

S. Etole

what a lovely heart ...


You've given a huge gift today Tracy by making all your readers think about giving. Even if you say it is just a kind word or a smile, we all have something we can pass on. Thanks for the inspiration.


What amazing ideas and projects you've got my dear friend! I would love to know more about this project and would love to be a part of it.Thank you for sharing this marvellous idea on this beautiful month of love.

sheila jones

This is a truly lovely idea Tracy and I look forward to hearing more about it as you move through the month. How good to know that there are others out there wanting to share love and care. I agree with others - you are a gift to us.


Hello Tracy! I took a look at the '29 Gifts' and saw the video as well. It is a very moving project I didn't know about! I had a similar thought for last year's Valentine's day. I made some red pincushions, thinking every woman could use one, for the nuns who run elderly care nearby where I live. But, I didn't think to continue to give. This must be a gentle reminder coming through you. :) Thank you!


Happy Feb. 1! Can't believe it's here already!

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