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February 26, 2010



We are practically blogging simultaneously from different corners of the world!

Tracy, these pretties are to die for!


Oh Tracy, everything is so very beautiful and quite different as well! How wonderfully talented you are my sweet friend. I can see these flying out of your shop like hotcakes!! xxoo


Hello Tracy. Glad you are putting the dull days to such pretty use. There seems to be a lot of creative waves around in blogland at the moment - spring on its way perhaps?. I find it all so inspiring to read about and share in. Have a lovely weekend dear lady xx


Such beautiful creations Tracy - how talented you are!
I can't believe how much snow you are having there in Norway. I hope your creative adventures transport you to other warmer, sun-laden thoughts. I love the image of standing on tiptoe -waiting, in a place of hope of what is to come. Have a lovely cosy weekend my friend.



Hi dear Tracy,
Here in the south of England we are dealing with a lot of gray days and rain! Honestly I have never see such long winter! Not that the more winter days have been added to the season, but I have never noticed it being sooooo long!
I miss emailing you. I know I haven't been good at it recently, but soon we will catch up. Here things have been busy as well, specially with Joe-Joe with a ever so lasting cold. Poor chap!
Anyway, have a great weekend, my dear friend!


Beautiful new things for the shop there Tracy! Glad you are managing to introduce a little Spring into your life. Here there is still snow for some-in Scotland, but here it is a beautiful sunny day-the first this week though, the rest has been grey too!
Have a lovely weekend.
Sarah x


1 meter of snow? That is an awful lot of snow, not to mention there will be more for the weekend. Hope you'll be safe and warm during the weekend.

Glad that your creativity and inspiration is high despite the snow. Have a lovely and wonderful weekend.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Gorgeous creations! I feel a wonderful spring breeze in your new items! Hope you have a nice weekend, with lots of warmth to revive!


Your pretties are soooo pretty! Love the felt brooche, really does remind me of spring around the corner. Thanks for the pizza recipe! I might just have to try that this weekend!


Your beautiful creation make it feel like Spring for all of us! That black number is a little sexy and they are all flirty and fun :)

You are almost there now. I remember in the Midwest by the start of March Spring was in the air!

S. Etole

your creativity brings sunshine to the days ...


What beautiful pretties you have made! And I like your idea--fight the winter blahs by being creative.

I've been thinking Hawaii today--that's how I'm dealing with it. But I think I'll take a lesson from you and do something creative!

Anne Donald

Oh - lots of lovely things! As far as the snow goes, we're not so bad here in the Scottish Borders, but Perthshire has been badly hit - Stuart was fortunate that he was only stuck for four hours yesterday - some people were trapped on the road for seventeen hours!! I am feeling quite creative just now ... maybe that's a sign that spring is nearly here!! Have a wonderful weekend, love Anne x


Very beautiful, Tracy! It's great to see some springy lovelies on this cold, snowy day!


Pretty new goodies for the shop.
It's snowing again today & I'm so fed up of the winter now too but I can't imagine how you feel.
Hope you have a lovely weekend
lots of love


SO beautiful, Tracy! You truly have been inspired! Such lovely jewelry!


Hi Tracy!
Your creations are so fresh and delicate ...very Spring time pretty!

We had over a foot of snow AGAIN here last night with wind drifts up to three feet! I had to shovel for hours this morning. I usually don;t mind winter but I am really getting tired of it this year. If I had a sled or an ice skating rink in my backyard I might feel differently but being house bound is getting a little tiring.

I guess we'll have to take a virtual vacation in a good book about a far away destination...and it must be warm! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

♥ Pat


Wow! I just love the wrist thingy! Better known as a cuff bracelet. How delicate and feminine it is. Lovely. How did you think of that?

Gallery Juana

Beautiful new spring collection. I really like the black choker and the brooch.

I completely understand about riding the creativity wave when it comes.

I wonder if it's colder where you are than where I lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido. There was hoards of snow there and winter lasted about 5 months. My husband and I would put on layers of clothes under a waterproof outfit and go hiking. My favorite memory is hiking on a full moon night on New Year's Eve.

Glad you are finding your Spring in your work.


Happy weekend to you, my lovely friend! Your creations are delicate and tasteful as always. Sending some Mediterranean mildness and sunshine your way! ((((hugs))))


Tracy, There are so many pretty new things to see! You are so creative in how you design and choose just the right sparkle! I haven't kept up very well lately but always enjoy my time spent catching up!!
Hold on..the sunshine is coming!!


Lovely creations. On dull days I reach mentally for Spring. I think we are having it begin now in spite of snow flurries- my dwarf irises are out and the primulas. :-) Hopefully it wont be too long until it reaches you too.


Dearest tracy, these are wonderful spring collection and i really adore your creations especially that gorgeous choker collar ribbon! I hope spring comes soon for you and wishing sunshiny days for you. Have a lovely cozy weekend and keep warm! Love to you!

julianna smith

Very beautiful. The bracelet is absolutely amazing! Perfect for spring.


You always create those feminine creations. They remind me of spring even if you don't have spring outside. We've been having lots of rain, but we've had enough sunshine in between that it's starting to really feel like spring.

Oh! and I'm making your Saturday night pizza tomorrow night. It looks wonderful

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